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#1 / 2005

Economic Sciences and Problems of Financing

  • O.V. Petrovskaya
    The higher school of Bulgaria and Poland in 1944-1989: problems of financing and material maintenance

    An attempt is made in the paper to make a comparative analysis of the development of material resources at higher school in Bulgaria and Poland in 1944-1989. Specific features and priorities of financing the system of higher education are revealed. The reasons why the material maintenance did not correspond to needs of preparation of qualified personnel are elucidated.

    pdf petrovskaya2005_1.pdf  (276 Kb)

  • T.I. Afasizhev, V.A. Teshev
    Adaptation of higher schools in conditions of crisis of budgetary financing

    This study reports on the methodology of investigating the adaptation processes of the Russian higher schools to deficiency of budgetary financing. The basic stress is made on the development of the new approach to the analysis of strategy of the activity of higher schools in modern economic and social conditions.

    pdf afasijev2005_1.pdf  (187 Kb)

  • V.V. Kolodyazhny, A.I. Kuev
    Optimization of rational use of resources in a farm

    Discussed in the paper are the problems of the development of a farm on the basis of mathematical modelling. The authors show the advantages of the methods of quasi-linear programming in optimization of rational use of resources in a farm.

    pdf kolodyajniy2005_1.pdf  (269 Kb)

  • Yu.I. Tarasov, E.B. Chuyako
    The concept of personnel control in the theory and practice of classical management

    Successful work of the enterprises, public organizations and the state is often accounted for by efficient personnel control. In this paper the authors show that practice and methodological approaches of classical management have conflicted to technical innovations and technical progress. Advantages of classical management are displayed in a situation characterized by stable technical structure of the capital, invariability of assortment of issued production and lack of workplaces. Under other conditions efficiency of the methods of classical management is considerably reduced. The other approaches and concepts of management which are based on other culture of thinking supposing more flexible organizational and motivational models of realization of classical principles of management are required for the successful decision of industrial problems in new, unstable conditions of the market.

    pdf tarasov2005_1.pdf  (202 Kb)

  • R.I. Makhosh
    Problems of carrying out audit of efficient use of budgetary funds

    The paper discusses the problem of carrying out audit of efficient use of budgetary funds with the maximal benefit for a society. The author considers it necessary to develop and legislatively authorize the new mechanisms of stimulus and acceptance of decisions at all levels of budgetary process that would focus on efficiency of results. It is also necessary to develop such mechanisms of financing which would allow everybody to essentially increase, on the one hand, efficiency of use of resources inside the budgetary organization, and on the other hand, to lower the losses related to unreasonable subsidizing an inefficient, dead budgetary network which is not needed for consumers of social services but distracts significant funds and does not finance priorities of social charges where they are really claimed.

    pdf mahosh1_2005_1.pdf  (106 Kb)

  • R.I. Makhosh
    Some problems of statement and development of control-accounting body of subjects in conditions of the normative-legal base existing in the Russian Federation

    Absence of legislatively fixed general principles of functioning of the Control-Accounting Body (CAB) in the subjects of the Russian Federation, including the Republic of Adygheya, of their mutual relation with other financial, control-auditing, tax and law enforcement bodies, and also distinctions in structure of the regional CAB, principles of their organization and activity, functions, problems and powers seriously complicate development of uniform techniques of realization of control actions. The author of the paper considers it necessary to create a uniform methodological base of the state financial control, including development of standards and uniform techniques of the activity of regional CAB and thereby to construct a complete system of the state financial control to achieve harmonious work.

    pdf mahosh2005_1.pdf  (111 Kb)