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Series "Economics" The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University,
Series "Economics"
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#1 / 2017

Regional Economy

Barkenkhoeva R.A. The level and quality of life increasing of the population as a dominant regional development
Komarevtseva O.O. About the readiness of municipal education to Smart City technologies implementation
Tamov A.A., Tamova M.K., Shalatov V.V. Peculiarities of economic interaction of large budget-supplied and small problem regions of the South of Russia
Tamov K.A., Tamova M.K., Tyutyunnikov A.S. Evolution of the role competitive advantages of the budget-deficit regions of the Sothern Russia in their strategic development
Khabekirov B.T. Methodological approaches and mechanisms of the regional economy competitiveness management
Shalatov V.V., Kovalenko M. G. About efficiency of realization of Strategy of social and economic development of the Adyghe Republic until 2025
Shelekhova L.V., Nagoev A.V., Bulgakova A.A. The tourism influence on the Krasnodar Territory economy

The Theory and Practice of Business

Adamenko A.A. New development opportunities in the field of small and medium-sized businesses

Service Economy

Zakharova E.N., Kovaleva I.P. The formation of risk management mechanisms in the medical organizations


Peskova O.S., Boriskina T.B. Current state of the Internet-advertising market

Cognitive Ecoomy

Zakharova E.N., Tamov A.A., Zemtsova A.V. The peculiarities of the Knowledge Economics and their realization in the intellectual services sphere

Enterprise economy

Mamsirova A.A. Retailers network in unstable external environment: problems and solutions (based on X5 Retail Group N.V.)

The Lfbour Marrket

Ryskulov I.., Iliazova N.B. The current state of the labor market and labor migration in the Kyrgyz Republic