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Series "Economics"
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Key words:


#1 / 2020

Regional Economy

Gorelova G.V., Momot .., Rakitina M.S. Imitation modeling of the processes of socio-economic development of the region depending on the degree of development of the territory
Tamov A.A., Getmantsev K.V., Tamova M.K. The role of modern agglomerations in development economic space of the region
Tretyakova L.A., Azarova N.A., Nebesnaya A.Yu. Analysis of trends in employment of human capital in the regional economy
Shatalova O.I., Mukhoryanova O.A., Lebedeva E.P., Torishny .. Improvement of state regulation of innovation activity in the Stavropol territory


Kretova A.Yu. Administrative approach to assessing the efficiency of the enterprise


Rodin A.V., Tamov A.A., Babichev K.N. Digital the value of a digital product as a resource for sustainable economic development
Teshev V.A., Tesheva M.M., Shalatov V.V., Khasinova T.G. Smart city: basic concepts and development prospects
Teshev V.A., Shalatov V.V., Khasinova T.G. Features of building the digital economy in the Russian Federation: problems and ways to solve them


Khuazheva A.Sh., Ryabtsev N.V. The systemic nature of municipalities and its practical implementation in local government models

Recreation and Tourism

Abibulaeva N.S. Transport infrastructure as a strategic component of tourist-recreational clusters of the Republic of Crimea
Khatit F.R., Poddubnaya T.N. Phototourism as a perspective direction of youth tourism and a factor of socio-economic development of the region (on the example of Krasnodar territory)

#2 / 2020

Regional Economy

Barkenkhoeva R.A. Implementation of social policy in budget-subsidized regions: problems and development guidelines
Getmantsev K.V., Rodin A.V., Tamova M.K. Processes of localization of economic space in the zones of influence of large cities
Mokrushin A.A. Implementation tools for the strategy of socio-economic development of the region of the depressive type
Tamov A.A., Babichev K.N., Rodin A.V. Assessment of the transport system of the Krasnodar agglomeration

Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex

Popova L.V. Innovative agriculture in Russia: predictions and reality
Turliy S.I. Ctrends in the development of the world market of milk and dairy products


Grebennikova M.A., Chepurova I.F., Gladysheva A.V. Formation of management role teams


Basyuk A.S., Antoshkina A.V. Practical aspects of managing the product range of a trading enterprise


Byuller E.A., Tlekhuray-Berzegova L.T. Innovative potential as the basis for the development of management personnel


Ryabtsev N.V. Organization of self-assessment of the activities of local governments as a tool to increase the level of its effectiveness

Recreation and Tourism

Ivolga A.G., Shalatov V.V., Shahramanyan I.D. Analysis of strategic aspects of tourism industry management and prospects for rural tourism development in the world and in Russia
Tamov A.A., Podkolzina I.M., Tamova M.K. The tourism industry in Russia: problems and tendencies of development

Digitalization of Education

Tesheva M.M., Teshev V.A., Shalatov V.V. Application of modern information and communication technologies in education

#3 / 2020

Regional Economy

Vodozhdokova Z.A., Kurmalieva Z.Kh., Gisheva S.Sh. Development of bioeconomy within the framework of strategic cluster initiatives in the timber industry complex of the region
Tausova I.F., Divina L.E., Ponokova D.I. Dynamics of changes in the amount of borrowed capital and its role in assessing the investment attractiveness of the country and region (on the example of the Republic of Adygea)
Tlekhuray-Berzegova L.T., Byuller E.A. Current problems of creating a comprehensive system for planning the region's needs for HR specialists (on the example of the Republic of Adygea)

Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex

Isaenko A.P. Evaluation of the development of vine and wine growing in Russia
Mokrushin A.A., Rychkovskaya D.N. Strategic priorities of state regulation for the agro-industrial complex of the depressed region
Popova L.V., Dugina T.A., Karpova A.A., Dosova A.G. Logistical management problems in agro-industrial complex


Anisimova S.V. Optimization of the system structure of gas distribution organizations: internal analysis


Myasnikova T.A., Ivanova O.D., Tamova M.K. Investors as a key factor in the development of the housing market


Pshikanokova N.I., Kuyek Z.N., Pshikanokova N.D. Local government collisions in a situation of economic instability
Khatukay S.A., Babalyan E.B., Tamov K.A. Program-target approach to solving problems of socio-economic development of the municipality

Recreation and Tourism

Tamov A.A., Ilyasova E.V., Krylova E.M. Development of rural tourism in the context of quarantine measures
Tamov A.A., Khatukay S.A., Babalyan E.B. Problems of development of the tourism industry in the context of the spread of a new coronavirus infection


Vodozhdokova Z.A., Khuazheva A.Sh., Shaldokhina S.Yu. Conceptual approach to managing financial stability and ensuring financial security of road transport organizations


Shcherbatova T.A., Shcherbatov I.V., Tamova M.K. On the issue of involving unused agricultural land in the turnover