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Series "Economics"
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#1 / 2006

Economic Sciences and Problems of Financing

A.A. Kerashev Preconditions and target orientation of creation of a macroregional economic complex basing on the federal district of the Russian Federation
A.S. Khuazheva Basic aspects of steady development of regional economy
V.G. Piteev Marketing of the new goods as an element of strategic management
N.I. Pshikanokova, F.R. Azashikova Regional features of modelling of the economy development strategy in the post-crisis period
S.K. Chinazirova Modern strategy of the development of manufacturing
S.H. Yunaev Improvement of the mechanisms of state regulation in the agrarian and industrial complex
A.A. Mokrushin Integrated structures and their role in strategic development of organization
A.A. Kerashev, V.V. Teshev A macroregional economic complex and its specific distinctions
E.R. Pryadchenko Problems of administering a student's contingent at higher school
I.M. Napso Modelling of social-economic systems
E.K. Byuller Work quota setting as the factor of effective strategic intracorporation planning
M.G. Bolokova, R.T. Chetav Economic-mathematical modelling of the mechanism of re-structuring of agricultural branch through an estimation of its resource potential
M.Y. Aliberdov Interdependence between the principles and contents of the elements of strategic and innovational management

#2 / 2006

Economic Sciences

A.A. Mokrushin and V.G. Piteev The economic mechanism of exchange-distributive relations within the integrated agroindustrial corporations
T.I. Afasizhev and V.A. Teshev Mechanisms of additional financing higher educational institutions
N.Y.Mugu Justification of expediency for the de-velopment of a regional system of rural credit coopera-tion
S.K. Yakhutl The formation of a labour market in conditions of the transitive economy of a region
I.V.Sugaipova The strategic account of the property at merges and connections
M.G. Bolokova and R.T. Chetav A logistic system of the agricultural complex
L.T.Tlekhuray-Berzegova A strategic planning the industrial system indices

#3 / 2006

Economic Sciences

A.A. Kerashev, O.L. Starodub and A.V. Bolov The essence of a social and economic policy of the region in conditions of going out from transformational crisis
I.V. Sugaipova The technique of realization of the corporate property audit
Y.Y. Antsyrev and A.S. Khuazheva Foreign experience in developing market ground relations, the basic problems of estimation of cost of agricultural ground in Russia
T.V. Zhukova Diversification of activity of economic systems in the competitive environment
L.. Sergeeva Some features of formation and development of investment processes in the agrarian and industrial complex: a theoretical-methodological aspect
Y.I. Tarasov and M.V. Ivashchishina The essence of economic categories a labour potential and employment, their interrelation with labour resources
I.F. Bereshpolova The problems of the organization of the accounting and tax account of reserves of forthcoming expenditure using as an example a reserve for repair of the basic means
N.Y. Mugu Stages of formation and development of the regional system of rural credit cooperation
I.G. Panzhenskaya A technique of the account of transaction costs

#4 / 2006

Economic Sciences

S.A. Dzybova Analysis and features of an infrastructure of the regional market.
I.G. Panzhenskaya A technique of the account of transaction costs
L.A. Sergeeva The state and prospects of development of investment activity in agrarian and industrial complex
Y.Y. Antsyrev and A.S. Khuazheva Basic theoretical and methodological questions of an estimation of the agricultural ground
Y.I. Tarasov and S.K. Yakhutl The development of a system of social partnership and its influence on workers payment.
B.I. Khutyz Specific features of risk management in agriculture.