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#3 / 2005

Economic Sciences and Problems of Financing

  • A.A. Kerashev
    Integration institutions: their essence and significance

    In the paper, the integration institutions, their essence and significance are examined. The essence of modern integration institutions can be defined as the formation of qualitatively new economic integrity (a system of economic relations) by connection and combinations within the framework of the expanded form of the organization of economic space of elements of objective structure and types of economic subjects.

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  • A.A. Kerashev
    Development of approaches to globalization of economic relations

    The paper discusses the development of approaches to globalization of economic relations. Based on the results of the analysis of the approaches to research and theoretical treatments of globalization of economic relations a steady set of essential attributes of the specified process can be allocated.

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  • E.K. Pryadchenko
    Specific features of socialization of market economy in Russia

    The paper discusses discrepancy of an economic and social policy of the government in the Russian Federation and necessity of public control over use of means of the Stabilization Foundation. Low social efficiency of the governmental policy is accounted for by the following: it is based on virtual market economy, on presence of mythical middle class and does not reflect interests of the majority of the population having a low standard of living.

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  • N.I. Pshikanokova
    Structural reforms of regional economy: essence, transformation of farm patterns, shifts in the main groups of branches

    The paper discusses the contents, specific features of a reform as the object of the regional management and dominants of an economic reform. The role of an infrastructure in management of the social and economic complex of the region has been revealed. Being an average control link, the infrastructure in character and state causes a level, the contents of efficiency and, as a whole, formation in the region of forms of managing adequate to a reality.

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  • A.Sh. Buzarov, M.V. Kuteeva
    Ways of increase in efficiency of a social policy in the region (as is shown in the Republic of Adygheya)

    Research of structure of incomes and charges of individual farms was carried out, maps of poverty and maps of social and economic position of the areas in the Republic of Adygheya were constructed. Maps of poverty were constructed on the basis of the following parameters: a summary index of poverty, indexes of depth and an acuteness of poverty. These indexes were calculated on the basis of a complex of the parameters reflecting social and economic life of the republic. In addition to statistical researches, a standard of living of the population was investigated. The results have shown an adverse position as a whole in the republic and especiallyin the city of Maikop.

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  • M.V. Kuteeva
    Problems of innovational management in Russia at a transitional stage

    Russia now is at a transitional stage of the development, when citizens of Russia must change both the foundations of the life and the principles of manufacture. Still more recently the USSR was the country with a totalitarian mode and command administrative economy. Therefore the main problem of our country at the current stage is to get rid of that ideological directive which was given us with the command administrative economy and go over to a way of market mutual relations.

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  • Yu.I. Tarasov, N.A. Tumasyan, E.A. Khachemizova
    ethodological approaches to an estimation of economic efficiency of labour market functioning

    The paper deals with the problem of employment and its components that nowadays get new sounding in theoretical and practical aspects, which is of great importance for Russia entering a way of market transformations.

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