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Series "Economics" The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University,
Series "Economics"
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#1 / 2007

Economic Sciences

M.P. Khagurova The priority directions of development of the agrarian and industrial complex in the Adygheya Republic
T.I. Afasizhev and V.A. Teshev Mechanisms of financing researches at higher schools (based on experience of foreign universities)
A.A. Kerashev and V.V. Teshev Classification of laws of development of commodity markets of consumers' cooperative society
A.S. Buzarov and M.V. Kuteeva Social problems of the population against a background of reform of local self-management
V.V. Teshev Strategy of increase in efficiency of activity for the consumers' cooperative society enterprises
A.A. Kerashev and R.A. Baibekova Organizational and economic aspects of creation and effective functioning of vertically - integrated formations in the agrarian and industrial complex
M.V. Kuteeva Prospects of realization of economic potential of municipal formation The City of Maikop (in conditions of reform of local self-management)

#2 / 2007

Economic Sciences

A.A. Kerashev, V.V. Teshev Methodical approaches to an estimation of steady development of the organizations of consumers' cooperative society
E.N. Zakharova About cognitive modelling of steady development of social and economic systems
A.A. Kerashev, M.K. Tamova Methodical bases of the estimation of the regions competitiveness as a factor of realization of its competitive advantages
A.A. Mokrushin A system of planning financial streams in corporate structures of agrarian sector of economy
V.G. Piteev Marketing and its place in management of the organizations competitiveness
B.R. Tuova Regional economic strategy of the development of the innovational market by creation of a technical and ecological urban zone (technoecopolis) in the territory of Adygheya Republic
A.U. Ushkho Principal bases of construction of models for development of regional social and economic systems
A.Sh. Khuazheva Organizational institutional model of management of regional agrarian and industrial complex on the basis of distinguishing economic clusters