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Series "Economics"
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#1 / 2016

The Economic Theory

Murtuzalieva S.Yu. European integration: the present stage peculiarities
Khunagov R.D., Gurnovich T.G. The toolkit of capital structure management of organization

Problems Related to Investment Activity

Avanesova R.R., Avramenko E.P. The foresight methodology application in the process of the investment projects effectiveness evaluation
Kolomyts O.N. Model building of control systems for the establishment of an innovative-investment development mechanism

Regional Economy

Bekirova K.N., Zelinskaya M.V. Analysis of Strategic Opportunities of Energy Shortage Overcoming and Energy Self-Sufficiency Increasing of the Krasnodar Territory
Belomestnova I.V. The human capital mission at the meso-level
Konstantinidi Kh.A. The mechanism of strategy development at the meso-level
Mitrofanova I.V., Mitrofanova I.└., Starokozheva G.I. Actual problems of strategic planning system modernization at the regional level
Popov R.A., Sheremetinsky N.B. Public and private partnership in the regional development in terms of economic tension
Sheremetinsky N.B. Sub-regional economic systems clustering in the economic tension conditions

The Account, Audit and the Control

Belozerova T.G., Lugovsky D.V., Tkhagapso R.A. Problems of accountancy definition and organization in business reputation of the business manager
Pazderova V.Yu.,Ryabchenko A.V., Shmatova E.V. Topical issues of accounting of leasing transactions in terms of IFRS
Pazderova V.Yu., Tkhagapso R.A., Khot F.T. Financial lease (leasing): current status and perspectives of the Russian accounting practices modelling

Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex

Khimicheva V.S. Evolutionary dynamics and bifurcations of development trajectories of rural consumer cooperation on the Don

The Theory and Practice of Business

Adamenko A.A. Assessment of improvement opportunities of the institutional environment regulation of the Southern macro-region addressed to small and medium businesses

Service Economy

Gorlova E.A., Eroyan A.E Peculiarities of work with citizens at the municipal level
EroyanA.E. Educational management system peculiarities at the regional level and the ways of its improvement
Ilyazova A.B., Ilyazova N.B. The interaction of the labor market and higher education in the Kyrgyz Republic (on the example of the Osh region)
Maksanova L.B-Zh., Dagdanova S.Zh. Theoretical foundations and practical approaches to the definition of the źtourism infrastructure╗ concept
Popkova E.G., Shakhovskaya L.S., Pozdnyakova U.A. Formation of entrepreneurial type of universities in the conditions of modern Russian economy modernization

Taxes and the Taxation

Smirnova E.E. Prospects of tax control of individualsĺ expenses


Nalesnaya Ya.A., Ponimash Z.A. Price forecasting with using artificial neural networks

#2 / 2016

The Economic Theory

E.N. Zakharova Organizational and economic peculiarities of polyclustering production systems formation
Miroshnichenko M.B. Structural changes at the meso-level from the perspective of the growth model crisis
Ovchinnikov V.N., Ketova N.P. Ethnocultural component of consumer behaviour of the North-Caucasian population
Popov R.A. Resources integration of productive forces in the conditions of economic tensions and volatility of environment

Regional Economy

Adamenko A.A. Analysis of conditions of an institutional trap emergence of resource participation of small and medium businesses subjects in regional economy development
Barkenkhoeva R.A. The basic paradigms realization of import substitution policy at the regional level
Kovaleva M.K. źOlympic legacy╗ as a compound element of the regional tourist product
Konstantinidi Kh.A. Transformed shapes arising in the strategy creating process
Kuryanov N.└. Implementation support of the źgrowing points╗ concept in the economy of the Rostov Region

The Account, Audit and the Control

Olomskaya E.V., Shulga A.A., Bagova S.A. New approaches to the leased property in the company accounting
Ryabchenko A.V., Shmatova E.V., Tkhagapso R.A. Comparison of Russian and international accounting standards of financial instruments

Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex

Bolotina E.A. Prospects of foreign taxation agricultural experience adaptation
Prokhorova V.V., Kerashev A.A., Kolomyts O.N., Shalatov V.V. Investment activity in the agrarian and food complex of the Krasnodar Region: the strategic objectives and development priorities
Shelekhova L.V., Nagoev A.V., ┴ˇŰŃÓŕţÔÓ └.└. Farm economy in the agricultural production of the Krasnodar Region

Management by Innovations

Surzhikov M.A. Enterprise innovative strategies creating
Shatalova O.I., Beletskaya E.G., Vorobyeva E.A., Gladilin A.V. Analysis of organizational management by innovation processes in the national economy

The Theory and Practice of Business

Abesalashvili M.Z., Zakharova E.N., Kerashev A.A., Mokrushin A.A., Tkhagapso R.A. State regulation methods of innovative entrepreneurship in Western Europe

Service Economy

Karanashev A.Kh., Prichina D.Yu. Dynamic modeling of management system of modern high school organizational culture
Ketova N.P. Specifics of modern media services, tendencies of development of their market in Russia
Kobets E.A., Masych M.A., Kapkyuk E.V. The contract system of hiring in educational sphere of foreign countries
Shmygaleva P.V., ShatalovaO.I., Mukhoryanova O.A., Kostina O.N. Quality evaluation of state (municipal) services: methodological and integrated approach
Yarushkina E.└., Chumakova N.A., Bugaenko V.E. Network form of education as a factor of competitiveness improving of the educational organization in modern Russian economy

Economics history

Gurskaya M.M. Genesis of accounting education
Kuter M.I., Musaelyan A.M. Accounting books of Alberti del Giudice Company: scientistsĺ alternative views on the system of accounts