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Series "Economics"
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#1 / 2005

Economic Sciences and Problems of Financing

O.V. Petrovskaya The higher school of Bulgaria and Poland in 1944-1989: problems of financing and material maintenance
T.I. Afasizhev, V.A. Teshev Adaptation of higher schools in conditions of crisis of budgetary financing
V.V. Kolodyazhny, A.I. Kuev Optimization of rational use of resources in a farm
Yu.I. Tarasov, E.B. Chuyako The concept of personnel control in the theory and practice of classical management
R.I. Makhosh Problems of carrying out audit of efficient use of budgetary funds
R.I. Makhosh Some problems of statement and development of control-accounting body of subjects in conditions of the normative-legal base existing in the Russian Federation

#2 / 2005

Economic Sciences and Problems of Financing

T.I. Afasizhev, V.A. Teshev The higher schools in conditions of reduction of the state financial support (from experience of foreign countries)
N.I. Pshikanokova Budgetary federalism and a transfer system as the tools of regional policy
S.K. Chinazirova Development of the agrarian enterprises in conditions of innovative transformations of the agro-industrial complex
V.V. Kolodyazhny, A.I. Kuev Planning of the agricultural enterprise production on the basis of the marketing activity in conditions of reproduction
Yu.I. Tarasov, N.A Tumasyan Basic features of the Labour goods in new conditions of managing
Yu.I. Tarasov, N.A Tumasyan Evolution of labour market, its typology and structure

#3 / 2005

Economic Sciences and Problems of Financing

A.A. Kerashev Integration institutions: their essence and significance
A.A. Kerashev Development of approaches to globalization of economic relations
E.K. Pryadchenko Specific features of socialization of market economy in Russia
N.I. Pshikanokova Structural reforms of regional economy: essence, transformation of farm patterns, shifts in the main groups of branches
A.Sh. Buzarov, M.V. Kuteeva Ways of increase in efficiency of a social policy in the region (as is shown in the Republic of Adygheya)
M.V. Kuteeva Problems of innovational management in Russia at a transitional stage
Yu.I. Tarasov, N.A. Tumasyan, E.A. Khachemizova ethodological approaches to an estimation of economic efficiency of labour market functioning

#4 / 2005

Economic Sciences and Problems of Financing

Z.A. Khadzhuova Specific features of agricultural cooperation (1865-1917)
N.I. Pshikanokova Regional investment policy: the institutional-economic mechanism
E.B. Chuyako, E.A. Khachemizova, Yu.I. Tarasov Methodical aspects of an estimation of and labour inputs of manufacture of agricultural production
V.V. Teshev, V.A. Teshev How one can improve an investment climate in Russia
S.A. Dzybova Some aspects of cooperation and their role in development of an infrastructure of the market
A.A. Mokrushin Normalization of the cost price as a component of the organization of exchange-distributive relations between participants of the integrated formation
S.-M.H. Yunaev Function of the State in sphere of management of regional agrarian and industrial complex