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#2 / 2012

The Economic Theory

  • Yu.V. Chub
    Scientific and methodical aspects of a cost assessment of the human capital

    The paper discusses approaches to estimation of the human capital cost. The basic components of this estimate are the educational level of the individual, an investment in health, investments into information support of the worker, expenses for improvement of professional skill or training for a new profession, provided there is a change of technics and work content in a workplace, and expenses for mobility at structural changes of employment.

    pdf chub2012_2.pdf  (1 Mb)

    Financial Markets

  • S.A. Roshchektaev
    Integrated approach to the formation of the local financial market of the Russian modern megalopolis

    The paper substantiates the application of integrated approach to the formation of the local financial market of the modern Russian megalopolis. From this approach the market under study is a product of market integration interaction of the subjects of financial relations, interlacing in the economic space of megalopolis as an integrated entity, producing intensively the new knowledge. It is shown that an integrator of this market is the megalopolis itself as a system subject of the local financial market.

    pdf roshchektaev2012_2.pdf  (687 Kb)

    Problems Related to Investment Activity

  • Zh.D. Darmilova
    The choice of investment strategy for an enterprise working in competing emvironment

    The paper describes scientific methods of strategic management in investment activity of enterprises. The author determines its investment substrategies, the main stages of the process of formation of investment strategy, levels of accepting strategic solutions and the more optimal investment strategies in post-crisis conditions.

    pdf darmilova2012_2.pdf  (497 Kb)

  • O.A. Okorokova
    Foreign experience in investment activity of the insurance companies

    The paper examines state regulation and practical aspects of investment activity of the insurance companies abroad. The author determines the directions of development of their investment activity and the basic tools of investment.

    pdf okorokova2012_2.pdf  (954 Kb)

    Regional Economy

  • À.À. Dzharimov
    Some thoughts on the federation and federal relations. 20 years later

    The present research focuses upon the formation and development of the federal relations underlying a state system of Russia. The condition of the federal relations in a political sphere influences an economic component of the relations of the federal center and subjects of Federation. Federalism principles and the main restrictions of their realization in modern Russia are disclosed. Special attention is given to a diversity of status of subjects of the Russian Federation underlying an asymmetric nature of federation and structural disorganization of economic space. The author provides an assessment of expediency of federal district allocation, cancellations of direct elections of heads of Russian regions and the electoral system which has developed in the country. Need of conducting elections in regions and in subjects of the Russian Federation in accordance with the majority system is proved.

    pdf dzharimov2012_2.pdf  (573 Kb)

  • E.B. Ermishina
    Principles and tools to diversify the mining industry of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania

    This work discusses principles of a diversification and tools of its realization. The efficiency of a diversification of mining branch is estimated. It is inferred that the directions of mountain branch diversification in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania should rest upon the use of secondary resources and capacities.

    pdf ermishina2012_2.pdf  (436 Kb)

  • E.N. Zakharova, T.G. Gurnovich, M.M. Dolgiyev
    Conceptual bases of ensuring power safety of the region in the conditions of formation of innovative economy

    This paper reports upon various approaches to concepts of security and power safety. The authors discuss the main problematic aspects of development of technical base in power engineering; describe key principles of ensuring power safety in the conditions of innovative development and the complex of actions providing implementation of the concept of sustainable power , as well as propose the control system of power safety of the region.

    pdf zakharova1_2012_2.pdf  (733 Kb)

  • À.V. Kravchenko
    Relationship of structural elements in the monitoring system of foreign economic sector of the region

    The basic structural elements necessary for the efficient functioning of foreign trade complex in the region are defined on the basis of a systematic approach to the construction of its monitoring. The basic methodological requirements for its construction are formulated.

    pdf kravchenko2012_2.pdf  (552 Kb)

  • T.A. Kuzin
    Competitiveness and competitive advantages of regions of Southern Russia

    This paper discusses some aspects related to the study on the relationship of competitiveness and competitive advantages of regions, as well as to the methodological problems related to rating assessment of the competitiveness in regions of Southern Russia with application of complex socio-economic indicators.

    pdf kuzin2012_2.pdf  (149 Kb)

  • N.M. Makarchouk
    Structural transformation of the internal environment in the economic system of the region

    The process of structural transformation during the past years has become a priority component of regional economic policy of Russia. Problems, which regions experience under the influence of the factors of global competition, are negatively reflected on parameters of their evolution. The present paper discovers essential issues of structural transformation and gives recommendations for their solution.

    pdf makarchouk2012_2.pdf  (400 Kb)

  • R.A. Popov, À.À. Dzharimov
    Prospects for increasing competitiveness of industrial sector of Russia in the conditions of development of globalization and economy regionalization processes

    The current state of industrial sector of Russia is characterized by considerable unevenness of development in both branch and territorial aspects. On the one hand, the producing enterprises of a petroleum and gas complex which have developed in the past decades provided the main proceeds in budget revenues, dampening expenses of market reforms. On the other hand, they created a situation when development of processing enterprises has become ineffective. The paper provides the assessment of the modern processes in industrial sector of Russia and substantiates proposals on giving innovative character to the process of its development.

    pdf popov2012_2.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • L.T. Tlekhuray-Berzegova, T.G. Gurnovich
    Contemporary integration managing subjects and functions of interaction of regional systems

    The essence of integration of managing subjects is defined as steady and developing cooperation of managing subjects consistently approaching and binding their reproduction processes. Proceeding from a correspondence principle between requirements and functions of regional systems, it is possible to define the functional content of their integration interaction. A study of process of integration interaction of regions in contemporary Russia allows distinguishing a number of specific needs and functions of integration interaction of regional systems.

    pdf tlekhuray-berzegova2012_2.pdf  (481 Kb)

  • R.D. Khunagov, R.A. Popov
    Clusters as a form of the organization and construction technology in the conditions of volatility: a regional aspect

    In the conditions of requirements to increase volumes and rates of industrial and cultural - domestic construction, a system of territorial construction clusters can act as one of the effective forms of contract activity in regions. Flexible forms of the organization, immanent to cluster structures, allow uniting technology-collocated construction organizations on a commercial basis and reaching as a result a synergetic effect in high-quality measurements and a cumulative effect in construction technology. The paper describes promising forms of a territorial and production association of separate construction organizations and the building industry enterprises with a view of increasing the efficiency of construction processes and developing a personnel component of this branch on a new organizational basis.

    pdf khunagov1_2012_2.pdf  (583 Kb)

  • R.D. Khunagov, I.V. Sugaipova
    Tools of debureaucratization and overcoming a corruption component in regional social and economic policy

    The paper examines problematic aspects of corruption on the basis of materials of the Krasnodar Territory and the work of the Audit Chamber, one of the most effective bodies of fight against corruption, which has effective tools of tracking and prevention of this negative phenomenon. The optimum ways of fight against corruption are presented.

    pdf khunagov2_2012_2.pdf  (461 Kb)

  • R.D. Khunagov, I.V. Sugaipova
    Development of the relations of a corporate property in the internal environment of regional economic systems

    The paper describes the levels of the organization of a corporate property. The authors distinguish two aspects of social participation of the performing personnel in profit of corporation and two types of structure – object and subject.

    pdf khunagov3_2012_2.pdf  (567 Kb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex

  • A.A. Kerashev, M.M. Shekultirova
    Promising forms of interaction between small-scale agrarian business and corporate structures in regional agricultural sector

    The paper discusses the topical problem of development of small-scale business in agricultural sector in terms of capital concentration and economic subject consolidation. Great attention is paid to prospects of effective regulation of interaction between small-scale agrarian business and large corporate structures in agricultural sector of modern Russia. The key forms of development of interaction between small-scale business and corporate business groups, that dominate in agricultural sector of regions of modern Russia, are presented.

    pdf kerashev2012_2.pdf  (758 Kb)

  • A.A. Mokrushin, A.I. Suslov
    Corporative potential of structural modernization of regional agro-industrial systems of contemporary Russia

    The paper is devoted to identifying the corporative potential of structural modernization and innovative transformation in regional agro-industrial system. The possibilities and restrictions of vertically integrated corporations (VIC) in structural transformation of economic connections and relations of subjects of regional agro-industrial systems have been established. The dominant mode of structural organization of interaction between VIC and agro-industrial systems of contemporary Russia has been revealed. The possibilities of the PPP in the development of regional agro-industrial systems (with the participation of VIC) have been specified. The promising strategy of interaction between VIC and agro-industrial systems of contemporary Russia has been revealed.

    pdf mokrushin2012_2.pdf  (902 Kb)

  • A.Z. Rysmyatov, S.A. Dyakov, A.O. Kirichenko
    Theoretical bases of economy and the organization of reproduction processes in fruit growing

    The paper discusses the problems of theoretical and practical character characterizing reproduction processes in industrial fruit growing. An analysis is made of the modern determinants defining efficiency of reproduction processes in this branch.

    pdf rysmyatov2012_2.pdf  (459 Kb)

  • I.V. Sugaipova, I.N. Voblaya
    Formation of innovative and investment policy of the regional agrarian and industrial complex

    The paper discusses the problematic aspects of reduction of investments into the agrarian sphere, as well as the questions of intensification of regional investment policy on the basis of development of its innovative component.

    pdf sugaipova2012_2.pdf  (484 Kb)

  • A.A. Tamov, A.A. Apishev
    Methodological aspects of proving strategic priorities for the development of agro-industrial complex in the problem region in post-crisis conditions

    This paper discusses a number of unexplored methodological aspects related to the justification of the priorities of development of regional agro-industrial complex, taking into account peculiarities of the problem region.

    pdf tamov2012_2.pdf  (481 Kb)

  • M.M. Shekultirova
    The system of corporative management of integrating interaction between economic subjects of regional agricultural sector

    The paper discusses the major problems of corporative management of integrating interaction between subjects of regional agricultural sector. The author examines the structural elements of executive system of interaction between economic subjects of agricultural sector on the basis of corporate integration, as well as the prospects of its development.

    pdf shekultirova2012_2.pdf  (562 Kb)

    Mathematical Methods in Economy

  • V.D. Selyutin
    Mathematical models of economic risk management based on the conception of risk as a resource

    This work proposes the models of risk management based on the use of the risk conception as a resource. It is pointed out that if risk is resource-similar, then taking a cost-benefit criterion into account, its management will be related to the reduction of its level to optimal value.

    pdf selyutin2012_2.pdf  (560 Kb)

    Innovative Technologies in Marketing

  • N.P. Ketova
    Regional marketing in system of tools and principles of management of territorial development

    The paper discloses the essence, features, functions and principles of regional marketing. The structure of the markets and companies in the South of Russia is presented. The author formulates methodical approaches to stimulation and regulation of their activity by methods of regional marketing and shows advantages of this tool in the general control system of territorial development.

    pdf ketova2012_2.pdf  (814 Kb)

  • V.N. Ostrovskaya, S.V. Mayer
    Constructive approach to marketing management at the petrochemical enterprise

    In this paper, we propose a new approach to the marketing management in petrochemical companies, based on the use of the principles of constructivism. The authors describe the features of this approach, as well as its relationship to other approaches. A role of the constructive approach in improvement of strategic marketing management is determined.

    pdf ostrovskaya2012_2.pdf  (649 Kb)

    Service Economy

  • T.I. Afasizhev, B.M. Zhukov, V.S. Novikov
    The virtual relations in a service sector: factors and prospects of globalization

    At present, we understand that the virtual economy comes up to take the “real” economy’s place. Of particular note is the service sector, which in its philosophical sense has all the characteristics and components of the virtual economy. The article is devoted to the formation and development of the theoretical foundations of service virtualization.

    pdf afasizhev2_2012_2.pdf  (991 Kb)

  • T.I. Afasizhev, A.S. Tyutyunnikov
    Directions of modernization of the Russian hotel business aimed at increasing its competitiveness

    This work substantiates the main directions of modernization of the Russian hotel business aimed at increasing its competitiveness on the basis of researches carried out by the author. The authors define the interrelation of modernization of hotel business organizations with increase of their competitiveness through ensuring strategic sustainability as ability to create, develop and keep for a long time the competitive advantages in the market of hotel services in the conditions of environment changes.

    pdf afasizhev3_2012_2.pdf  (467 Kb)

  • S.A. Baranova, Yu.M. Belyaev
    Consulting services in the sphere of innovations

    This paper describes trends, types and functions of a number of consulting firms that must belong to a single infrastructure necessary for continuous sustainable innovative development. Attention is given to the need for Russia to create new types of consulting services in the sphere of innovations to provide venture capital for banks and funds, as well as the safety and protection of intellectual property.

    pdf baranova2012_2.pdf  (613 Kb)

  • Yu.M. Belyayev, E.M. Chernenko
    Organizational-economic provision of modern standards of medical services in foreign countries

    This article contains a model of medical services in foreign countries, a comparative socio-economic analysis, which allows you to choose the most appropriate model for use in domestic practice.

    pdf belyayev1_2012_2.pdf  (662 Kb)

  • Yu.M. Belyaev, E.Ì. Chernenko
    Increases in effectiveness and quality of medical services on the basis of the organizational-economic guarantee of observance of the contemporary standards

    The paper examines the methods of management of the quality of medical services, ensuring the social protection of population in the sphere of health protection. An assessment is made of basic indices characterizing the quality of medical services. The basic directions of the solution of the problems related to the quality of the medical services are determined.

    pdf belyaev2_2012_2.pdf  (733 Kb)

  • N.A. Breslavtseva
    Tendencies and problematic aspects of management in service sphere

    At present the economic system undergoes considerable changes related to both structural shifts and various social factors. Therefore, the major area of public life is the sphere of services which makes appreciable impact on all sides of our activity. This paper deals with the creation of new management methods in sphere of services.

    pdf breslavtseva2012_2.pdf  (649 Kb)

  • L.V. Vermennikova, A.S.Tyutyunnikov
    System of the estimation of enterprise competitiveness in the recreation-tourist sphere in the adaptivity context

    This paper proposes a system of the estimation of enterprise competitiveness in the recreation-tourist sphere in the adaptivity context made on the basis of the researches conducted by the author. This system includes two-level indicators (at level of the enterprise and external environment), consisting of both financial and non-financial indicators. This approach provides the balanced estimation of efficiency of functioning and the level of the enterprise competitiveness against the background of the changes occurring in an outer environment.

    pdf vermennikova2012_2.pdf  (701 Kb)

  • À.À. Ermolenko, S.V. Lazovskaya
    Mechanisms of formation of competing advantages in the service sphere

    An analysis is made of the main group of competitiveness factors. The principal directions of formation of competing advantages in the sphere of tourist services are determined.

    pdf ermolenko2012_2.pdf  (520 Kb)

  • A.Kh. Zhankaziev
    Strategic priorities for financing higher education

    The paper discusses the primary goals of reforming an education system, namely: the search for additional financial resources. Specific attention is given to the analysis of possibilities and consumer priorities of the population. The author substantiates the expediency of expansion of the use of population’s money within the limits of socially-private co-financing.

    pdf zhankaziev2012_2.pdf  (356 Kb)

  • B.M. Zhukov, O.V. Belitskaya
    Perfection of development of the transport-information infrastructure in recreational territories

    An analysis is made of the current condition of a transport-information infrastructure of Krasnodar territory as one of the key factors of development of the recreation and tourism industry. The authors examine problematic aspects and prospects of its development and define modernization ways of its perfection in the period of preparation for Olympic Games of 2014 in Sochi.

    pdf zhukov1_2012_2.pdf  (630 Kb)

  • B.M. Zhukov, S.A. Lyausheva
    Modernization of the enterprises of hotel sphere on the basis of flexible management

    The paper discusses the concept of modernization of a hotel economy developed on the basis of formation of system of the flexible management. This concept is used to provide dynamical development of the service enterprises in the conditions of unstable external and internal environment. The authors define the modernization ways of development of hotel business and propose a modernization toolkit of flexible management in hotel service (business communications, flexible budgeting, competitiveness monitoring).

    pdf zhukov2_2012_2.pdf  (740 Kb)

  • E.N. Zakharova, T.I. Afasizhev, S.A. Lyausheva
    The analysis of a state of domestic trade in the conditions of intensive development of a service sector

    The paper discusses tendencies in development of the domestic trading sphere. The authors examine the structure of a turn of retail distribution networks and a tendency of formation of new store formats. It has been established that a turn of retail trade decreased in connection with financial crisis and that a share of foodstuff increased. The wholesale trade in Russia and its specificity are characterized. Special attention is given to the development of electronic trade in the country.

    pdf zakharova2_2012_2.pdf  (770 Kb)

  • E.N. Zakharova, S.A. Lyausheva
    Evolution of the economic nature of trade in “the economy based on knowledge”

    This work discusses the principle features of “the economy based on knowledge” and various approaches to the content and essence of the concept “trade”. The authors examine the most important aspect of information revolution – the electronic business – and the basic principles of electronic trade regulation.

    pdf zakharova3_2012_2.pdf  (664 Kb)

  • S.V. Lazovskaya, N.Yu. Ermolenko
    Key competences of human factor as a core of integration mechanism in the service sphere

    The paper examines the main preconditions of creating the centre of formation of key competences the purpose of which is increasing quality of services presented to consumer on the basis of integration of education and presented services.

    pdf lazovskaya2012_2.pdf  (584 Kb)

  • S.A. Mikhaylov
    Modernization of hotel service management as a tool of sustainable development of resort hotel complex

    The aggravation of competitions between the producers of hotel services has led to the necessity of modernization and sustainable development of the hotel business in conditions of decreasing population’s solvent demand. It has also been confirmed that in the market conditions the leading role is given to the economic units which meet the requirements and upgrade the quality of service most effectively.

    pdf mikhaylov2012_2.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • I.A. Nikitina, N.Yu. Ermolenko
    Scientific-educational center as a promising form of innovational development of higher professional school

    The paper examines institutional conditions and preconditions of creation of scientific-educational centers in system of higher school, which will play the role of a form of innovative development of a market of educational services adequate to the main tasks of modernization. Functions and structural organization of a scientific-educational center are defined.

    pdf nikitina2012_2.pdf  (681 Kb)

  • V.N. Ovchinnikov, N.P. Korolyova
    Employers in the structure of subjects of the educational service market

    The paper considers the functional role of the employers in the structure of the demand subjects on the educational service market, generalizes the experience of their cooperation with the institutions of manpower development system in the process of formation of the competent specialist model and of the social order on their graduation from the educational institutions of the professional educational system.

    pdf ovchinnikov1_2012_2.pdf  (880 Kb)

  • A.A. Tatuev, A.Kh. Zhankaziev
    The main directions of increasing expenditure efficiency for higher education

    Households from the economic point of view consistently turn to the main consumer of educational services. In this context, the need for new organizational and economic tools, including cost, allowing more responsible consumers and increasing their financial capacities.

    pdf tatuev2012_2.pdf  (1 Mb)


  • O.A. Zelenskaya, S.K. Eshugova
    Cluster initiatives in the Russian modern industry

    The paper describes examples of cooperation of the enterprises and business groups with competitors that is a distinctive feature of a cluster. Despite the competition for factors of production and end products in the market, the company finds possibilities for the mutually advantageous cooperation increasing efficiency of all participants of the relations – co-competition.

    pdf zelenskaya2012_2.pdf  (950 Kb)

  • T.A. Martynova, N.O. Sisel
    Review of the state and problems of wine-making industry in the Krasnodar Territory

    Wine-making industry is currently evolving. At the same time, the production of wine in the country is a risky business. Enterprises of this branch are faced with many problems in their work. In this regard, this paper provides an overview of the state of the industry, identifying strong and weak points and substantiates the necessity of risk assessments of wineries and taking into account them in the development of strategic plans.

    pdf martynova2012_2.pdf  (779 Kb)

  • Z.M. Khasheva
    Management of key competences of interorganizational network participants

    Now there is an expansion of a spectrum of organizational alternatives, first of all at the expense of intensive development of various forms of network interaction of economic agents. The paper examines concepts of “an interorganizational network” and “the key competence”, stages of managerial process of key competences in interorganizational networks are elaborated.

    pdf khasheva2012_2.pdf  (667 Kb)

    Taxes and the Taxation

  • V.N. Ovchinnikov, Z.A. Klyukovich
    Development of the tax theory as the reflection of the taxation system evolution

    The paper considers the origin of the conceptions and tax theory development in the context of practice and tax system evolution in the retrospective historical aspect. Theory development phases are singled out and principles of the optimum tax system construction in Russia are determined.

    pdf ovchinnikov2_2012_2.pdf  (848 Kb)