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#3 / 2012

The Economic Theory

  • G.L. Avagyan
    Innovative mechanism of the cyclic-wave theory of N.D. Kondratyev

    The paper discusses the cyclic-wave concept of N.D. Kondratyev and its innovative mechanism. The author discloses the problems related to innovation classification and clustering. The modern interpretation of basic provisions of the long-wave theory from the point of view of realization of innovative processes is given.

    pdf avagyan2012_3.pdf  (522 Kb)

  • A.Ò. Kirguev, A.V. Nechayev
    The human factor in disintegration at meso level

    The paper discusses the actual aspects of human factor in the process of disintegration of economy space of regional economic systems in contemporary Russia. The creative component of human factor plays the leading role in this process, since the disintegration realizes the conflict in the economic interests of subjects of the territory.

    pdf kirguev2012_3.pdf  (337 Kb)

  • A.V. Nechayev
    The human factor during structural transformations at meso level

    The paper discusses the vital issues related to functions and position of human factor in the process of structural transformations of regional economical systems in contemporary Russia. The creative component of human factor plays the leading role in this process because the structural transformations have the trend to approve zones of active growth inside the territory.

    pdf nechayev2012_3.pdf  (309 Kb)

    Financial Markets

  • V.V. Nikanenkova
    Credit scoring as a tool of an estimation of borrowers’ creditworthiness

    Recently rates of increasing the crediting market for physical persons pass ahead of the rates of increasing the corporate crediting market. This leads to increase in credit risks of the bank system. Therefore quality of management of credit risks in retail crediting gets a special urgency. One of the tools of minimization of level of credit risk for the borrowers is a scoring system. This paper discusses the basic principles of construction, objections and types of a credit scoring, as well as reflects its positive sides.

    pdf nikanenkova2012_3.pdf  (619 Kb)

  • L.K. Ulybina
    Institutes and tools of the insurance market in reproduction system of the region economy

    The paper describes the methodological approach to development of institute of the insurance market in reproduction system of the region economy. The algorithm of model of formation and development of the regional insurance market is presented. Using the SWOT analysis the author reveals tendencies in the main indicators of its development. The model of development of the insurance market of Krasnodar Territory and its strategic parameters are provided.

    pdf ulybina2012_3.pdf  (648 Kb)

    Problems Related to Investment Activity

  • M.Yu. Saitova
    Regional bank cluster as an innovative financial instrument to stimulate investment activity in the region

    The paper deals with the questions of use of new financial instruments for stimulation of investment activity in the region in the form of formation and development of activity of a regional bank cluster. The author shows the features of the organization of financial clusters and adapts principles of cluster structuring economy. Classification of types of regional bank clusters is developed and criteria for their identification are defined.

    pdf saitova2012_3.pdf  (642 Kb)

    Regional Economy

  • V.V. Bagmetov
    The habitation market as an element of a housing construction complex of the region and its features in modern conditions

    The paper discusses development features of the habitation market in modern conditions. The author systematizes housing stock elements and shows their influence on housing demand. On the basis of great statistical material, features of structure and infrastructure of the habitation market have been revealed.

    pdf bagmetov2012_3.pdf  (476 Kb)

  • M.M. Dolgiev
    The main directions of implementation of strategic approach to development of the region energy system

    This work provides indicators of development of electric power and heat power sectors in the Krasnodar Territory. The major factors interfering effective development of power engineering are specified. The schematic diagram of elaboration of regional power strategy is given. The paper presents three scenarios of development of the energy sector in the Krasnodar Territory.

    pdf dolgiev2012_3.pdf  (405 Kb)

  • B.M. Zhukov, V.A. Dianova
    Identification of resource potential of the region development

    The paper deals with the imperatives of effective development of locally-spatial systems. The authors pay special attention to the resource potential and to identification of the possible ways of its implementation in order to promote development of regional economic space and to achieve the strategic goals and objectives of socio-economic development.

    pdf zhukov_zh1_2012_3.pdf  (617 Kb)

  • B.M. Zhukov, A.A. Osin
    Regulatory functions of the state in providing integrated territorial competitiveness

    This paper discusses formation of the new directions of the state regulatory policy, development and introduction of the modern regulatory functions to ensure integrated territorial competitiveness in the conditions of transformation and development of regional social and economic systems.

    pdf zhukov_zh2_2012_3.pdf  (750 Kb)

  • T.L. Kappusheva
    Strategy of social and economic development of the region and tools of its implementation

    The paper sheds light on a number of unexplored aspects related to the development and implementation of strategy of region socio-economic development in the current conditions. Particular attention is paid to the tools of regional strategy implementation.

    pdf kappusheva2012_3.pdf  (338 Kb)

  • N.A. Koroleva
    Mega giant corporations in a regional economic development of Russia

    During the past years the large corporations interact intensely with the regional economic systems. The mega giant corporations with the global level of economic relations are leaders in this process. But the activity of such corporations inside the region does not guarantee effective development of the region. This paper presents the main trends in interaction of mega corporations and the regional economic systems.

    pdf koroleva1_2012_3.pdf  (325 Kb)

  • N.A. Koroleva, N.A. Khilko
    The forms of interaction of corporate and web organizations with the regional economic systems

    During the past years the corporate and web organizations have had an active interaction with the regional economic systems. As a result, the new forms of relations at a meso level of organization of economic relations are created. But the activity of corporate and web organizations inside the region does not guarantee effective development of the region. This paper presents the main forms of interaction of corporate and web organizations with the regional economic systems.

    pdf koroleva2_2012_3.pdf  (385 Kb)

  • T.A. Kuzin
    Competitiveness of the Adygheya Republic in the economic environment of the Southern macroregion and subregional localities as a factor of its increasing

    The paper examines a number of the aspects related to an assessment of competitiveness of the Adygheya Republic in the Southern macroregion, to justification of a role of subregional localities as a dominating factor of its increasing in modern conditions. Special attention is given to new forms of the organization and management of the regional economy, providing a more complete use of local resources and factors in social and economic development of territories.

    pdf kuzin1_2012_3.pdf  (437 Kb)

  • T.A. Kuzin, M.K. Tamova
    Development of subregional localities in the economic space of the region: strategic priorities and implementation mechanisms

    The paper examines a number of the aspects related to an assessment of the role of subregional localities in social and economic development of the region using an example of the Adygheya Republic, to justification of strategic priorities in development of localities and mechanisms of their implementation. Special attention is given to resources of problematic regions of the South of Russia, the effective involvement of which in economic circulation is an important condition of dynamic development of subregional localities.

    pdf kuzin2_2012_3.pdf  (390 Kb)

  • N.I. Pshikanokova, A.T. Bogatyrova
    Investment activity of region as the factor of economic growth in the conditions of national economy modernization

    The purpose of this paper is to reveal features of an investment policy of a depressive region and to substantiate the basic directions of its modernization as a system strategy forming basis of social and economic development of macroregion.

    pdf pshikanokova2012_3.pdf  (542 Kb)

  • O.V. Turkina
    Problems of a regional asymmetry of subjects in the Southern Federal District in separate kinds of activity

    The paper discusses unevenness in development of activity in agriculture, hunting, forestry and manufacturing industry of subject economy in the Southern Federal District. Processes of monitoring, diversification and specialization in the most developed and profitable kinds of activity can become a solution of this problem.

    pdf turkina2012_3.pdf  (573 Kb)

  • S.A. Chernyavskaya
    Creation of sustainable regional subsystems in economic space of contemporary Russia

    A variety of regional subsystems are formed in the course of structural reorganization of economic space of regions in contemporary Russia. To study them it is expedient to use the cognitive potential of the functional approach, revealing the functional orientation of the specified subsystems in the internal environment of the region.

    pdf chernyavskaya2012_3.pdf  (438 Kb)

    The Account, Audit and the Control

  • I.N. Voblaya, I.V. Sugaipova
    Tools, methods and means of modeling of accounting procedures

    This work deals with the questions of modeling of accounting procedures. The modeling is considered as an accounting method. The authors show the basic tools of modeling and examine sections of the Book of Accounts in detail, including off-balance accounts. The accounts of the given sections corresponding to the Accounting Standards and to the International Financial Reporting Standards are considered. Modeling is presented from the points of view of various Russian scientists, ìodeling steps are studied.

    pdf voblaya2012_3.pdf  (491 Kb)

  • I.N. Kirilov
    Theoretical aspects of the development of accounting and analytical support for management decisions at the enterprise

    The paper deals with the basic requirements and principles of organization of accounting and analytical systems at the enterprises. The content of the terms of “accounting” and “analysis” is studied. An analysis is made of the requirements for organizing an accounting and analytical support for management decisions at the enterprises; principles of development of effective accounting system are identified; the reasons to improve the system of accounting and analytical support are given.

    pdf kirilov2012_3.pdf  (474 Kb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex

  • I.V. Vasko
    Theoretical aspects of formation of regional agro-clusters

    The agro-industrial cluster plays a special role in studying tendencies in development of the integrated systems in agroindustrial complex. The cluster forms the favorable environment for development of the localized integrated subsystem – the agroindustrial branch of the regional economy. This paper examines the theoretical aspects of interaction of agro-cluster elements for the purpose of increasing efficiency of development of agroindustrial region.

    pdf vasko2012_3.pdf  (386 Kb)

  • K.E. Tyupakov, I.A. Papakhchyan
    Forms and sources of financing the reproduction of material base of domestic agricultural producers

    The paper provides the main forms of reproduction of fleet of motor vehicles and tractors as the main component of material base of agricultural producers. An analysis is made of advantages and shortcomings. Conclusions are drawn on preference of each of the presented forms in the conditions which have developed in the branch.

    pdf tyupakov2012_3.pdf  (900 Kb)

    Management by Innovations

  • A.A. Bitlev
    The state and prospects of development of innovation infrastructure in Russia

    The paper considers the current state of innovative infrastructure and its components in relation to the objectives and challenges facing the national innovation system. The analysis is made of the development of individual infrastructure entities in recent years. It is inferred that the infrastructure component is the most important factor of innovation development.

    pdf bitlev2012_3.pdf  (478 Kb)

  • Å.À. Byuller
    Innovative development of the forest sector in the forest-deficient region

    The paper discusses the problems and articles of conception for innovative development of forest sector of economy in the forest-deficient regions. This conception is based on the regulation mechanism of sustainable development of the forest sector.

    pdf byuller2012_3.pdf  (299 Kb)

    Mathematical Methods in Economy

  • F.B. Botasheva
    Length of “a horizon of the future” as a criterion for “predictability” of the economic process

    The paper describes the new approach to forecasting the economic processes. The author uses the construction of “a rectangle of prediction” in which the special role is given to the temporary side. It allows determination of natural time borders of the forecast of in advance ordered accuracy. The method is also useful for defining a temporary class of an economic signal by a criterion of the best conformity of type of its behaviour to this or that mathematical model defined from the greatest length of the temporary side of “the rectangle of prediction”.

    pdf botasheva_f_2012_3.pdf  (609 Kb)

  • L.V. Zyuzina
    Cognitive information technology of distribution of deficient resources in subsystems of “Education” system

    The paper contains a structured description of cognitive information technology providing deficient resource distribution in weakly structured subsystems of “Education” system. The technology is elaborated in accordance with the characteristics of subsystems and can be extended to other subsystems of the socio-economic system, having similar characteristics.

    pdf zyuzina2012_3.pdf  (1 Mb)

    Innovative Technologies in Marketing

  • N.V. Saprykinà, E.V. Saprykina
    Removal of barriers of foodstuff sales promotion using Internet communications

    An analysis is made of the peculiarities of foodstuff sales promotion. The paper suggests the tools of sales promotion in the Internet that allow consumers to overcome the myths and barriers of Internet advertising. The authors present an algorithm for an advertising campaign for agro firms in the global network.

    pdf saprykina2012_3.pdf  (244 Kb)

    The Theory and Practice of Business

  • T.G. Gurnovich, L.A. Latysheva
    The economic mechanism of management of system of agrarian business

    The paper discusses the basic principles of effective management in the agrarian business. The factors that determine the specificity of entrepreneurship in agricultural production are systematized. The authors propose an improved model of the mechanism of agricultural entrepreneurship, including a system of principles and methods for developing and implementing management decisions.

    pdf gurnovich2012_3.pdf  (685 Kb)

  • G.M. Zaloznaya, A.A. Mayorov
    The financial component of the efficiency of business in the Orenburg region

    The paper describes the economic history of entrepreneurship in the Orenburg region as an independent sector of the economy. At the present stage it requires the promotion of the innovation and production sector through the financial effect on the results of management, expansion of financial market infrastructure, a system of work with the subjects of scientific innovation small business and an increase of its share in the regional economy.

    pdf zaloznaya2012_3.pdf  (726 Kb)

  • A.K. Edievà
    The effectiveness of small business development in the Karachaevo-Cherkessia Republic

    The paper deals with the questions of assessment of the effectiveness of small business development in the Karachaevo-Cherkessia Republic. An analysis is made of the current state of small business enterprises on the basis of a number of indices. It is inferred that the crisis in 2008 affected adversely the development of small enterprises. Moreover, the efficiency by certain indices was not restored even at the end of 2010.

    pdf edieva2012_3.pdf  (365 Kb)

    Service Economy

  • S.V. Grinenko
    Analysis of the labor market of graduates of professional education: a marketing approach

    The paper presents approaches to coordination of interests of the labor market of graduates of professional education system, which determines the balance between supply and demand through the implementation of a marketing approach in the formation and development of scientific and educational infrastructure of the professional community by raising the level of information security of management decisions.

    pdf grinenko2012_3.pdf  (854 Kb)

  • S.V. Lazovskaya
    Dialectics of the general and specific in a service sector

    The paper discusses approaches to service definition, the general and specific features and properties of services. Features of a service sector in modern economic system are distinguished. The existing definitions and classifications of services of both foreign and the Russian authors are analyzed.

    pdf lazovskaya2012_3.pdf  (411 Kb)

  • A.V. Lashko, T.A. Makarenya
    Market-economic foundations of the formation and development of information services as part of a virtual market

    This paper defines which information services can be attributed to the virtual market. The authors allocate the main stages in the development of market of information services and examine the dynamics of growth of the key parameters for the long term. The work provides a comparison of different definitions from domestic sources during the period of active development of information services. The results of this comparison are used to draw a conclusion about the evolution of the market.

    pdf lashko2012_3.pdf  (835 Kb)

  • T.A. Makarenya
    The marketing approach in the management of system of the service granting

    This paper examines the problematic aspects of the marketing approach in management of system of service granting in the period of the economy modernization in conditions of customization of the service granting.

    pdf makarenya2012_3.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • D.V. Ryazantseva
    The main forms of interaction of secondary professional education organizations and business structures in the Krasnodar Territory

    The paper discusses the forms of interaction of the service organizations of secondary professional education and business structures carried out in the Krasnodar Territory. The author gives the characteristic of such cooperation, reveals the problems and shortcomings and offers the solution of current situation by realization of potential available in the Krasnodar Territory.

    pdf ryazantseva2012_3.pdf  (356 Kb)

    Social Economy

  • R.L. Agabekyan
    The peculiarities of transformation of Russian labor markets according to the types of economic activity

    An analysis is made of the peculiarities of the sectoral labor markets. The factors influencing the condition and prospects of development of sectoral labor markets are defined. The author distinguishes stages of transformation of Russian labor market and analyzes the peculiarities of every stage of labor market development.

    pdf agabekyan2012_3.pdf  (639 Kb)

  • K.V. Drokina
    Strategic partnership of the state, universities and business structures as the necessary condition of labor market balance in the South of Russia

    The main subject of work is consideration of possibility and need for application of strategic partnership between the state, universities and business structures. An attempt is undertaken to develop theoretical provisions and practical recommendations for creation of a system of strategic partnership. The author examines the relations between the state, universities and business structures arising as a result of strategic partnership. The result of research is formation of a system of strategic partnership which will promote a labor market balance in the South of Russia and which will overcome its main problem – the structural unemployment.

    pdf drokina2012_3.pdf  (883 Kb)


  • G.L. Bayanduryan, Yu.V. Skidanova
    Justification of methodological tools in the construction of a block scheme of investment policy at the machine-building enterprises

    This paper examines the problems related to the absence of a new classification tool for the formation of investment policy at the machine-building enterprises, adapted to the technological modernization. The authors propose and justify the block scheme of investment policy, which includes a synergetic adapter of rationalization of resource management, which is a central part of the speaker system, connecting the conceptual and methodological, entrepreneurial, strategic, resource and analytical units and the competitiveness unit.

    pdf bayanduryan2012_3.pdf  (346 Kb)

  • Z.O. Gukasyan
    Theoretical aspects of an assessment of management quality and organization of management accounting

    The paper discusses theoretical aspects of an assessment of management quality and the organization of management accounting. The author proves need for an assessment of management quality which should be constructed as a through assessment at federal, regional and corporate levels. The methodical approach to formation of indicators of this system is also substantiated.

    pdf gukasyan2012_3.pdf  (488 Kb)

  • E.A. Gurova, I.V. Petrievsky, I.P. Kuzmenko
    Information component of modern management methods for an enterprise sustainable development

    This paper focuses upon the introduction of controlling system at enterprises. It is inferred that its informatization is needed to raise efficiency of functioning of the managing subject and to optimize managerial processes of its balanced development.

    pdf gurova2012_3.pdf  (649 Kb)

  • S.K. Eshugova
    Fractal methods in management of development of the enterprises of agro-industrial complex

    The paper shows why it is necessary to use fractal modeling of emergence and distribution of innovations at enterprises of the agrarian and industrial complex. The author considers the theory of “fractal factory” as an innovatively focused production system and proposes the corresponding administrative tools for management of economically minimum production systems.

    pdf eshugova2012_3.pdf  (347 Kb)

  • I.I. Lyutova
    RETRACTED on September 3, 2019 Modelling of an organizational-economic controlling mechanism for an industrial enterprise sustainable development

    Retraction of this publication is due to the discovered plagiarism – The sources: Konyashina, Galina Borisovna. Mechanism of stabilization of economic development of industrial enterprises: Thesis... Candidate of Economic Sciences: 08.00.05. - Moscow, 2006; Glagolev, Sergey Nikolaevich, Formation of Economic Mechanism for Flexible Development of Industrial Enterprise (Thesis 2001); Yu.A. Mukhin, Modernization of Mechanisms for Sustainable Development of Industrial Company on the Basis of Balanced Strategic Indicators System // Economic Sciences, 2011, No. 3 (76) The paper presents the classification of processes and mobility elements of a management structure at the enterprise. Consideration of the organizational-economic mechanism of adaptive management has allowed the author to propose variants of ensuring stability of enterprise development and to substantiate the strategies providing balance of indicators for long-term prospect.

    pdf lyutova2012_3.pdf  (382 Kb)

  • Yu.V. Razvadovskaya
    Structural parametrization of industrial policy as a tool of management of structural transformations in industrial economy

    Within the framework of the sixth technological setup, there is a need to realize the new industrial policy directed to an increase of competitiveness of a domestic production of high-technology branches in industrial sector of economy. The structural parametrization which is based on a combination of optimum parameters of structure, creation of effective system of interrelation of parameters, the accounting of their quantity and sequence of interaction can become an effective technique of formation of qualitatively new industrial policy.

    pdf razvadovskaya2012_3.pdf  (634 Kb)

  • P.S. Shapovalova
    Problems and prospects of oil industry and substantiation of new principles of corporate planning

    This article is dedicated to the analysis of the contemporary situation of Russian oil industry and the possible negative consequences of the entrance in the WTO. In the opinion of the author, in order to increase competitiveness of enterprises in this branch it is necessary to improve the management technique, namely the corporate planning system, which should be guided by new principles of alternativeness, hierarchy and social-ecological criteria.

    pdf shapovalova2012_3.pdf  (495 Kb)