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#2 / 2020

Regional Economy

  • Barkenkhoeva R.A.
    Implementation of social policy in budget-subsidized regions: problems and development guidelines

    The relevance of the topic of this article is due to the fact that improving the level and quality of life of the population and, in general, solving its social problems is a key target for the activities of the authorities and administration of any region. At the same time, the modern socio-economic development of Russia and its regions in conditions of instability caused by a complex of external and internal factors necessitates the use of special approaches at the regional level to solve the social problems of the population. Note, first of all, that the target for the regional financial management system is to achieve a balanced budget, while financial transfers directed to cover the regional budget deficit can be an effective tool. Their role is especially important for the budget-deficit regions of the South of Russia, however, it should be noted that the focus on receiving transfers in many cases generates a certain inaction of regional authorities in terms of finding sources of financing for social programs and their effective use.

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  • Getmantsev K.V., Rodin A.V., Tamova M.K.
    Processes of localization of economic space in the zones of influence of large cities

    One of the main and most pronounced processes of changes in the regional economic space is the process of formation of local zones of economic development around large cities. Providing a concentration of production, labor resources and finance, cities are the most important economic points for the development of the regional economy. At the same time, the own economic development of cities has a multidirectional impact on the development of the surrounding territories, causing the formation of sub regional economic zones with a different profile and vector of economic development. The article, based on materials from the Dinskoy District of the Krasnodar Territory, examines the issues of changing the regional economic space and its localization in rural areas affected by a large city (Krasnodar). The changes identified and described in the article in the local economy of a rural area indicate only the partial involvement of rural areas in the orbit of the economic development of the city, as well as numerous internal transformations of the rural economy, which raises the question of assessing the ongoing processes of localization of economic space in the zones of influence of large cities.

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  • Mokrushin A.A.
    Implementation tools for the strategy of socio-economic development of the region of the depressive type

    The article reveals the territorial features of the strategic management of the socio-economic development of the region of the depressive type. The strategic directions and tasks of the socio-economic development of the Republic of Adygea, the features of the system of strategic management of the development of this subject of the Russian Federation are highlighted. The key tools for the implementation of the Strategy of socio-economic development of the Republic of Adygea until 2030 are disclosed, including documents of strategic planning and programming. Particular attention is paid to the potential of state programs, regional projects, cluster structures and mechanisms of public-private partnership in the modernization of the economy of the Republic of Adygea. It is emphasized that the orientation of the administration of the region of a depressive type to the resources of federal target programs with a lack of practice of corporate co-financing of projects to a certain extent reduces the interest in diversifying the economy, increasing the competitiveness of priority industries through the implementation of an innovative scenario, which preserves the subsidization of the region. The prospects for the strategic development of the Republic of Adygea are largely associated with the attraction of corporate investors and the implementation of effective models of public-private partnership.

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  • Tamov A.A., Babichev K.N., Rodin A.V.
    Assessment of the transport system of the Krasnodar agglomeration

    The article assesses the development potential of the transport and logistics system of the Krasnodar agglomeration. The possibilities and limitations of the development of its transport and logistics complex are highlighted, which is the basis for determining strategic development priorities. The purpose of monitoring the transport system is to form information about the main directions of development, quality and safety of the transport infrastructure of the Krasnodar agglomeration. The objectives are to assess the achieved level of development of transport infrastructure; assessment of the quality of transport infrastructure and the level of its safety; identification of problems that hinder the development of transport infrastructure, identification of priority areas for its development, such as increasing the level of passenger transport coverage in localities of municipalities that are part of the agglomeration by opening new regular routes, improving the level of comfort, safety of the transport system and its accessibility, including for low-mobility categories of citizens, etc. The implementation of these directions results in identification of problems and identification of priority directions for the development of transport infrastructure, which should develop at a faster pace than population growth.

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    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex

  • Popova L.V.
    Innovative agriculture in Russia: predictions and reality

    The economic conditions currently prevailing in Russia are expanding the opportunities for accelerated development of agribusiness. The state has developed a number of policy documents to support agriculture, which provide targeted indicators, financing innovative areas of development and digitalization of agriculture. It can be expected that their implementation will provide a technological breakthrough in the development of the AIC by 2025. The article identifies emerging barriers to the implementation of the planned programme activities, concludes the increasing role of human capital in the agricultural sphere, the quality and strength of which should increase in spite of the trend of outflow of labour in the countryside.

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  • Turliy S.I.
    Ctrends in the development of the world market of milk and dairy products

    The article is devoted to the analysis of the world market of milk and dairy products, identifying key trends and features of the development of this industry in various countries. Milk and dairy products are the most consumed products both in Russia and around the world, which makes it necessary to conduct this study. The development of the dairy industry is influenced by global trends (economic, technological, political, value, etc.), which in turn shape the future of the industry. The study revealed that the driver of the production of milk and dairy products in the world was the growth of demand for them in developing countries due to an increase in the population and an increase in the level of socio-economic development. At the same time, in European countries, milk production is restrained by a small growth rate in its consumption and the reorientation of demand to low-calorie products, as well as to its vegetable analogues. It is worth noting that in the US and EU, the increase in production is due to increased productivity of cows (intensive production), and in India and China mainly due to an increase in livestock (extensive production). The EEU countries have significant export potential for milk and dairy products, as their domestic markets are close to saturation. A distinctive feature is that the predominant share of these countries exports is sent to the post-Soviet space. For example, the main consumer of Belarusian milk and dairy products is Russia. The trade war between the US and China opens up new opportunities for Russia and Kazakhstan (if their own market is saturated) to export dairy products to China and other countries in Southeast Asia. To do this, Russia needs to improve the productivity of livestock and profitability of production based on the best practices of foreign experience.

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  • Grebennikova M.A., Chepurova I.F., Gladysheva A.V.
    Formation of management role teams

    The relevance of the research topic is determined by the constant complication of management systems and their dynamic development, in connection with which special attention is paid to the formation of a team and its effective work. In the process of forming a team, the leader is faced with priority tasks, such as identifying patterns in the formation of a team, determining the managerial roles of team members, creating conditions for optimizing these processes. The article analyzes the formation of a team by management factors. A team role represents a model of behavior that facilitates the interaction of one team member with another, where the actions of each member are aimed at achieving success for the whole team. The approaches and stages of team formation are determined. The stages and tasks of team building training are studied and their characteristics are given.

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  • Basyuk A.S., Antoshkina A.V.
    Practical aspects of managing the product range of a trading enterprise

    The formation of the assortment and its balanced management characterize effective marketing management in a commercial enterprise and leads to an increase in profit, profitability, and quality of service. Without a flexible response to consumer preferences, to changes occurring in the market, without a high culture of trade service at the enterprise, in modern conditions it is impossible to achieve the main goal of business activity making a profit. In modern conditions, effective assortment management is part of the overall strategy of a trading company. The article considers the detailed stages of assortment formation and evaluates the assortment on the example of the trading enterprise JSC Thunder MM Pension by ABC analysis and XYZ analysis. The formation of the assortment makes it possible to effectively manage the share of margin income, as well as the net profit of the trading company.

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  • Byuller E.A., Tlekhuray-Berzegova L.T.
    Innovative potential as the basis for the development of management personnel

    In a broad sense, innovation - a synonym for the successful development of the social, economic, educational, administrative and other fields on the basis of a variety of innovations. Accordingly, under the innovative development should be understood first of all the circuit implemented innovations. It is more successful when covering more than one narrow area of the implementation of innovation, and also includes the scope, affecting the overall result (management, marketing, training, finance, and others). In addition, any innovative development it is not only the basic innovation process, but also factor in the development of the system and the conditions necessary for its implementation, is the innovation potential. Innovative development is always integrated.

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  • Ryabtsev N.V.
    Organization of self-assessment of the activities of local governments as a tool to increase the level of its effectiveness

    The article deals with the organization of self-assessment of the activities of local government. It is noted that in domestic practice, a fairly comprehensive system for assessing the effectiveness of the functioning of public administration is gradually being formed, which makes it possible to fairly objectively evaluate and appropriately encourage the municipalities that have achieved the greatest success. However, in the process of increasing the level of efficiency of the activities of municipal government, it is of great importance to organize and conduct a self-assessment of the effectiveness of the management activities carried out by these bodies themselves. One of such tools in the system of municipal government is the mechanism of its self-assessment based on the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) methodology, some of the criteria of which characterize management practice (opportunities), another part of the criteria illustrates the final results of the activities of municipal government bodies in key areas of their activities (results).

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    Recreation and Tourism

  • Ivolga A.G., Shalatov V.V., Shahramanyan I.D.
    Analysis of strategic aspects of tourism industry management and prospects for rural tourism development in the world and in Russia

    The article provides a brief overview of the current state of the tourism industry in some countries of the world, in terms of management structure, financing and investment attraction. Examples of successful practices of organizing various aspects of the functioning of the tourism industry are given. The article considers global trends that determine the development of the tourism industry, highlighting sustainable tourism as the most important global trend. Special attention is paid to the general features of modern tourism policy in European countries, as well as to rural tourism policy a key segment of the European tourism industry. Recommendations for the development of rural tourism in Russia are offered.

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  • Tamov A.A., Podkolzina I.M., Tamova M.K.
    The tourism industry in Russia: problems and tendencies of development

    The article is devoted to the problems and prospects of tourism development in the Russian Federation. The scientific work analyzes the volume of inbound tourism, considers new directions of development of the tourism industry at the regional level. The paper highlights the main problems of tourism development in the country, examines the issues of state support and outlines ways to solve the problems of the tourism sector in Russia.

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    Digitalization of Education

  • Tesheva M.M., Teshev V.A., Shalatov V.V.
    Application of modern information and communication technologies in education

    The article deals with the application of modern information and communication technologies in education, their impact on improving the availability and quality of education, as a result of the use of innovative approaches in the context of the formation of a modern information society. Special attention is paid to IT tools and information and communication technologies used for distance education.

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