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Key words:

#1 / 2014

The Economic Theory

  • R.A. Barkenkhoeva

    The paper examines the functional opportunities of instruments (methods, tools) enhancing small business in the reproduction process of the territorial economy being created with territorial authorities and various organizations in the economic area of regional economic systems of modern Russia. The author assesses the potential of such methods in the modernization process of regional economic systems at the present stage of development.

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  • V.V. Bodzhaeva, I.V. Slobodchikova

    The intellectual capital is recognized as a leading economic resource in modern conditions. The availability and use of it is the basis of any companys activity and affects its efficient functioning. The author highlights the importance of this factor of production which is increasing every day. Nowadays the priority (preference) of intellectual (creative) activity is given to individuals and organizations. These facts testify about the natural character of intellectualization of a modern economy.

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  • Yu.K. Bgan, A.V. Styagun, Z.V. Khetagurova

    The development of consumer services (including healthcare and education) is one of the priority directions of the Russian economy reforming. The formation and development of human capital as well as its quality are formed within the framework of this sphere. Quality of human capital is one of the factors determining the possibility of economic growth of the country. The development and availability of consumer services for the majority of the population is also a factor to reduce social tension, improve overall satisfaction with quality of life and society, etc. This scientific article reveals the most significant aspects of the influence sphere of consumer services for the development of human capital. It also substantiates the importance of government regulation in the development of this sector.

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  • Z.O. Gukasyan

    The scientific article considers the corporation management system and its main elements. The author reveals the influence of external environment on corporate governance and quality. They include factors in addition to traditional factors such as institutional support for corporate governance system of external audit and control, etc.

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  • G.M. Mishulin, V.V. Lisukov

    The paper presents the theoretical and methodological approaches to the position of organizational and managerial innovation of scientific categories and in the innovation process. The author analyses the endogenous factor model of effective innovation process and characteristics of its functioning in a changing economic paradigm.

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    Financial Markets

  • T.G. Gurnovich

    The paper considers the conditions of Russian banking system institutional development in the terms of economy globalization. The author studied the influence of financial globalization processes on national bank functioning taking into account the identification and formation of spheres controllability. The scientific article reveals the main directions of its institutional development improving.

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    Regional Economy

  • S.Sh. Gisheva, R.A. Baibekova

    The author highlights that regional economic policy focused on encouraging of investment and innovation priority sectors of the economy due to the use of the cluster approach and the provision of state support to potential investors can ensure the implementation of the competitive potential of the Adyghe Republic. he examines its progressive economic development, economic growth increasing and social and economic problems solving.

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  • M.l. Golubova, L.Z. Bzasezheva

    The scientific article investigates the function of reproduction in depressed regional health-improving localizations arising in the process of transforming relations at the meso-level of modern Russian economy. The author studies the health-improving localizations of Southern Russia and development potential which increases rapidly at the present stage.

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  • A.A. Dzharimov, R.A. Popov

    The paper shows the urgency of deepening the updated resource use of the areas in an integrated manner at the present stage and involvement of new sources of economic development in economic circulation. The increasing of the regional factor in economic management attaches new value and organizational forms to the task of the productive forces developing. The author actualizes the use of alternative energy sources. The formation of regional industrial clusters, grocery syndicates and other forms of economic organizations consolidate regions acquires greater importance with the increased competition.

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  • .. Kerashev, K.A. Tamov
    Competitive opportunities in the Adyghe Republic in the conditions of growing influence of regional factors

    This scientific article considers some aspects related to the study of competitive opportunities and the Adyghe Republic and, besides, the factors shaping them. The author pays his particular attention to regional characteristics of the republic that influence greatly on the formation of its competitive position in the economic environment of the Southern macro-region

    pdf 76-79.pdf  (126 Kb)

  • O.A. Korba
    Recreational potential as a basis for sustainable territorial development

    This paper considers recreational potential as a basis for sustainable territorial development. The author analyzes the basic principles of sustainable development of the recreation area. He studies not only the system of indicators that reflects the sustainable development of the region but also highlights the recreational features of the functional role of intangible resources in foundation of sustainable development.

    pdf 80-87.pdf  (232 Kb)

  • M.S. Rakitina
    Modeling of social and economic indicators of a certain region type

    The article discloses the model of social and economic development of the region. It represents a multi-agent model of the region in conditions of the public sector reforming

    pdf 88-92.pdf  (539 Kb)

  • K.A. Tamov
    Tools for implementing strategy of development of budgetary -deficit region focused on the effective use of its potential competitive advantages

    The paper discusses some aspects of instrumenting development strategy of budget-deficit region development, focused on improving its competitiveness. The author pays his particular attention to the cluster system of instruments.

    pdf 93-96.pdf  (210 Kb)

  • R.D. Khunagov, R.A. Popov
    Market imperatives in the development of management and industrial base of construction : a regional aspect

    This paper highlights the development of capital construction and building materials industry in the branch and regional level taking into account the imperatives of modern management and the needs of optimal allocation of productive forces. It focuses on environmental management issues within the context of the technical improvement of building production and increasing of population employment of the areas.

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  • M.V. Chistova
    Methods and models of gross regional product volumes for ecasting

    This scientific article describes and summarizes the research experience in Russia and neighboring countries in the development and practical application of methods and models to predict the gross regional product. The author analyzes advantages and disadvantages of methods and models and formulates conclusions about their future potential practical application.

    pdf 105-114.pdf  (148 Kb)

  • A.S. Shukhart
    Implementation of e-government in the Adyghe Republic in the economic and informational space of the region

    The paper presents the analytical and generalizing-cognitive information on the implementation of e-Government in the Russian regions as a whole and in the Adyghe Republic in particular. The author provides a list of measures aimed at improving the position of the republic in the ranking of subjects of the Russian Federation on the level of e-government implementation.

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    The Account, Audit and the Control

  • M.M. Gurskaya
    Experience the Florentine company of Giovanni Farolfi in Provence

    This scientific article starts a series of publications devoted to the study of the first ledger conducted by the method of double entry. The author studied previously published limited sources and examined surviving accounts of this book.

    pdf 123-126.pdf  (261 Kb)

  • N.S. Nikitenko
    Systematization of differences between income and expenditure in account and tax accounting

    This paper represents the discrepancies between factors of forming of financial result in accounting and tax accounting. It reveals the impact of these differences on the amount of income tax. The paper also identifies and groups the main permanent and temporary differences between income and expenditure in the accounting and tax records. The author determines variants of reflection of these differences in accounting.

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  • E.V. Olomskaya
    Basic contradictions in the system of regulatory tax accounting and ways of overcoming them

    The scientific article reveals the basic contradictions in the system of regulatory tax accounting. It defines the principles of the tax system in general and tax accounting in particular. The paper studies conformity to these principles determined by Russian regulatory accounting system. The author describes the cases of tax legislation introducing their own interpretations of the concepts of non-conventional and used in other legal acts. He also presents the activities necessary for creation a model of the tax system and tax accounting.

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  • I.G. Panzhenskaya, D.I. Ponokova
    Theories analysis forming the basic methodological framework for business valuation

    This paper, in an accessible form, considers and analyzes the main economic theories being the basis for the business valuation. The purpose of the article is to structure and focus the attention of readers to the aspects of each of the theories that are most important for economists-assessors. The scientific article examines, in particular, the following theories as labor theory of value, theory of the firm, theory of property, theory of agency, theory of marginal utility, theory of supply and demand, theory of production costs, theory of the three factors of production.

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  • F.T. Khot
    History of the development and establishment of management accounting as science of management

    The scientific article reveals the main issues of management accounting terminology, its goals, objectives and functions. It pays particular attention to the chronology of the origin, development and establishment of management accounting both in global and domestic practice. The article analyzes the main stages of the theory and practice of management accounting. The author clarifies theoretical propositions explaining the main goals, objectives and functions of management accounting in the current economic conditions and shows shortcomings as a result of development of management accounting.

    pdf 155-163.pdf  (154 Kb)

  • F.T. Khot, S.B. Furtseva
    The possibility of registering forward -futures transactions in electricity wholesale trade

    This scientific article deals with the authors position concerning the use of forward-futures accounting operations of commercial transactions in the wholesale market for energy and power. The paper reveals the peculiarities of futures transactions and the possibility of their use in electricity trade. The author also describes the possible options for accounting operations for futures trading.

    pdf 164-169.pdf  (128 Kb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex

  • R.K. Belmekhov, E.N. Zakharova, A.A. Kerashev
    Conceptual foundations of the systemdynamic approach to the management of the resource potential of the subjects of agricultural business

    The scientific article considers the specifics of the resource potential of the agrarian sector. It reveals a set of principles of management and resource potential. The paper shows the role of the adaptive enterprise resource planning. The author proposes a mechanism for controlling the dynamic capabilities of the enterprise which is the basis of such system. He draws a conclusion that the system control and resource potential of the enterprise includes structuring, grouping and utilization of resources.

    pdf 170-178.pdf  (215 Kb)

  • F.P. Khripliviy, E.M. Kobozeva
    Agriculture production reserves of the Adyhge Republic

    This paper examines the dynamics and structure of crop production and animal husbandry and agricultural land use efficiency for the last eight years. The author gives proposals to increase it in various forms of management.

    pdf 179-188.pdf  (146 Kb)

    Mathematical Methods in Economy

  • P.V. Glushchenko
    Intelligent algorithm of multi -agent support of solution acceptance according to diagnosis in electric power network

    The paper considers the main aspects of the development of a descriptive model and block diagram of the algorithm multi-agent intelligent decision support on the use of active-adaptive processes. The author proposes an agent model grid and improves the term economic agent itself. He works out a three-level series of critical state data object and formulates the terminology of active-adaptive processes.

    pdf 189-196.pdf  (297 Kb)

    Service Economy

  • V.V. Bagmetov
    Justification of organizational and economic conditions of providing business activity of HBC enterprises

    The scientific article discloses the organizational and economic conditions of business activity of enterprises providing housing construction. The author substantiates the preconditions of their business activities according to their importance at the regional level based on an assessment of factors limiting business activity HBC.

    pdf 197-201.pdf  (123 Kb)

  • D.V. Zakotnova
    Prospects of secondary vocational education in the mod ernization of the social and economic system of modern Russia

    This paper considers the main trends in the development of vocational education. The author examines the dependence of the education system from the countrys economic system and characterizes the priority areas of education and development scenarios.

    pdf 202-207.pdf  (125 Kb)

  • I.N. Tomshinskaya
    Development resources of scientific and educational subsystem of St . Petersburg

    St. Petersburg as well as any other regions of modern Russia includes functional subsystems. One of the highly developed subsystems of St. Petersburg is a scientific and educational subsystem. This article discloses the main indicators of scientific and educational subsystem of St. Petersburg for s everal years.

    pdf 208-212.pdf  (143 Kb)

    Social Economy

  • V.A. Teshev, Z.U. Blyagoz, A.V. Nagoev, L.V. Shelekhova
    Elements of dual education at the economic faculty of ASU

    The scientific article discusses the elements of dual education in relation to higher education. The author pays particular attention to the dual system of education in Germany, which took a long historical testing and demonstrates high quality of education. He draws a conclusion that, despite some shortcomings, the dual system of education is one of the most successful models of cooperative learning and practice. Its positive experience can be used in the learning process in higher education of the Russian education system.

    pdf 213-219.pdf  (129 Kb)

  • A.G. Chernikova
    The Crimean crisis inflcence on the living standards of the population

    This paper deals with the problems of living standards of the population in the Crimea as a subject of the Russian Federation. The author suggests statistics, real facts, causes of potential crises and points out the directions to overcome and to avoid them.

    pdf 220-229.pdf  (192 Kb)


  • .. Byuller
    Payments system improving of forest resources

    The paper substantiates the need to improve the system of payments for forest resources in order to improve nature conservation activity. The author represents the most significant and multi-factorial causes that have a direct and immediate impact on the size of the forest income as well as indicators, reflecting the dynamics of size and volume of forest management activities. The scientific article reveals the mechanism of the formation of the total forest income derived from the use of forest resource potential of the area.

    pdf 230-234.pdf  (121 Kb)

  • E.E. Kardava
    Leasing operations development in realestate in the public -relation partnership mechanism

    The paper presents the key parameters of the leasing operations development in Russia. It notes the similarity of leasing mechanism properties with the procedure of leasing equipment or vehicles. The author shows that a public-private partnership can be the effective mechanism for promoting the development of leasing relations in real estate. The scientific article represents diagrams of public-private partnership based on the use of leasing real estate.

    pdf 235-242.pdf  (208 Kb)

  • B.A. Kumpilova, S.A. Khatukay
    Creation of a competitive business model for Russian companies with economic globalization advantages

    The article examines the current state and prospects of building a competitive business model by Russian enterprises using the advantages of globalization. Canvas business modelling is used as a framework for this analysis. According to this study the most significant reserves of increasing the efficiency of Russian multinational enterprises are enclosed in diversification of value proposition for customers and revenue structure.

    pdf 243-248.pdf  (126 Kb)

  • E.V. Levkina, O.Yu. Vorozhbit, M.E. Vasilenko,
    The role of innovation in the effectiveness of fishing industry development of Primorskiy Region

    The purpose of the study is to substantiate the theoretical and methodological approaches and develop practical proposals to improve the economic efficiency of the fishing industry in terms of innovative development of the sector. It takes into account its specific characteristics, domestic and foreign advanced experience and management of organizational, economic and technological factors. The theoretical significance of the results of the study is to determine the role of categories efficiency and innovation in economics, science and refinement of theoretical propositions to increase economic efficiency, taking into account the fishing industry and industry-specific trends in the development of modern fishing industry. The practical significance of the study is that formulated in the findings suggestions and recommendations are of scientific and methodological nature and can be used to improve the effectiveness of fishery enterprises in terms of innovative development of the industry. The author proves the economic feasibility of the application of innovation to improve efficiency fishing industry.

    pdf 249-254.pdf  (124 Kb)

  • O.V. Takhumova
    The main direction s and prospects of transport infrastructure development in the world economy

    The scientific article deals with theoretical aspects and position of transport infrastructure in the countrys economy. It reveals the role, participation of the state in the development of port facilities, the content of maritime infrastructure and methods of public policy. That allows them to develop and create transport corridors. The author pays particular attention to the factors forming the port economy and the prospects for the development of maritime transport in the world economy.

    pdf 255-261.pdf  (142 Kb)

  • N.J. Timchenko
    Analysis of the competitive environment in the strategic planning of freight for warding open company Dalk

    Strategic planning is an important part of enterprise management. The successful operation of the enterprise in a market economy is impossible without it. This scientific article suggests different interpretations of the term strategic planning by different authors. The author also analyzes competitors of freight forwarding company Dalk. The paper considers a number of transport companies providing different range of services in the market which are completely identical or slightly different. The author examines such factors as the concentration index, the Herfindahl-Hirschman index of the intensity of competition on the ratio of market shares for the analysis of the market situation.

    pdf 262-268.pdf  (202 Kb)

  • A.V. Chernyavskaya
    Statistical factor s using in risk management

    The paper considers the problem of evaluating the effectiveness of financial risk management based on the influence of factors on return on equity. It studies the statistical coefficients to assess the objective conditions of the financial risk.

    pdf 269-274.pdf  (241 Kb)