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#2 / 2011

The Economic Theory

  • P.A. Vysotsky
    Theoretical bases of the public blessings and new state management

    The paper addresses researches of conceptual bases of new state management. In this connection, extremely important and urgent is research of substantial treatment of concept “social obligations” because functions of the state on realization of social obligations in the generalized form make up and define its social policy.

    pdf vysotsky2011_2.pdf  (228 Kb)

  • A.I. Kozlov
    Methodological approaches to the formation and estimation of the human capital

    The paper examines questions of essence of the human capital as a source of vital force and competitiveness of an enterprise. Stages of formation of the theory of the human capital, methods of its estimation by both foreign and domestic economists are investigated and analyzed.

    pdf kozlov2011_2.pdf  (183 Kb)

  • V.M. Maximov
    Self-management of labor groups in commercial organizations of contemporary Russia

    The paper deals with the problematic aspects of self-management of workers in the commercial organizations of contemporary Russia and the barriers that arise as a result of an abrupt transition to a capitalist-market system of economic relations. Feasible variants of overcoming the self-management crisis through the change of legislation are offered.

    pdf maximov2011_2.pdf  (181 Kb)

  • Å.S. Suvorova, V.P. Zaykov
    On the evolution of municipal governance in Russia

    In this paper, the authors proposed to allocate eight main stages in the evolution of municipal government, beginning with a community organization in Ancient Russia and finishing with contemporary governance which is characterized by the creation of a full legislative framework for the functioning of municipalities and for their governance. Emphasis is made on the role of prominent statesmen and rulers of the Russian state in this evolution; the essence of their reforms in municipal governance is revealed. In the final part of the paper a number of generalizations are made, in particular the significance of the legislative framework is marked. The authors concluded that the transformations carried out in Russia over the last 13-15 years, in fact revived the municipal government and we can speak about positive trends in its development in the coming years.

    pdf suvorova2011_2.pdf  (262 Kb)

  • E.N. Tkacheva
    Research of the human capital as an asset of the virtual organizations of Southern Federal District

    In information economy, new nonconventional organizational forms, namely the virtual organizations, become the basic economic entities. These organizations are based on principles of cooperation of the legally independent enterprises, geographically removed from each other and carrying out the activity in the integrated information field. Use of ways of virtual interactions between economic agents helps them to lower costs of the enterprise partners and to raise speed and quality of client service. This paper gives the results of the conducted research on the human capital as an asset of virtual organizations from the Southern Federal District.

    pdf tkacheva2011_2.pdf  (311 Kb)

    Financial Markets

  • B.A. Bobrovich
    Incomes of households: investments and the object of regulation

    The work discusses questions of household income regulation in a context of theoretical bases of financial and investment resource management in sector of house economy. Feature of transformation of house economy savings in the investment is connected with prospects of perfection and development of investment processes as a whole in the Russian economy.

    pdf bobrovich2011_2.pdf  (160 Kb)

  • Yu.A. Karpenko
    RETRACTED on September 3, 2019 Perfection of state regulation of household monetary income in Russia

    Retraction of this publication is due to the discovered plagiarism – The source: Matyushenko, Tatiana Vladimirovna. Development of financial potential of households in Russia: Thesis... Candidate of Economic Sciences: 08.00.10/Matyushenko Tatiana Vladimirovna; [Place of thesis defence: Russian Academy of State Service under the President of the Russian Federation]. - Moscow, 2008. The policy of incomes as a whole in the country, social policy and a policy of the economic growth is the basis for the state regulation of monetary incomes of households. The main purpose of them is increase of standard of living and quality of life in the country. In this connection the author considers it a very important object to investigate the functions and mechanisms of state regulation of household monetary incomes.

    pdf karpenko2011_2.pdf  (187 Kb)

  • S.V. Larin
    Development of departmental control as a realization condition of productive budgeting in Russia

    The paper discloses the contents, problematics and directions of development of departmental control as the necessary condition of complex realization of the productive budgeting in modern budgetary practice of the Russian Federation.

    pdf larin2011_2.pdf  (235 Kb)

  • F.A. Pukhnaty
    Criteria for an estimation of a financial and economic solvency of Press-Enterprises

    The paper addresses the research on criteria for an estimation of financial and economic activity of the organizations. The author distinguishes and analyzes basic approaches to systematization of criteria of an estimation of a solvency of the organization on the basis of domestic and foreign experience in estimating and inconsistency and bankruptcy forecasting.

    pdf pukhnaty2011_2.pdf  (245 Kb)

  • S.A. Roshchektaev
    Transformation of the institution potential at the local financial market of the Russian megalopolis at present financial crisis

    The paper substantiates the theoretical and methodological aspects of formation and development of the institution potential at the local financial market of Russian megalopolis. Transformation processes of institution structure at this market are examined on the basis of the functional and structural finance theory.

    pdf roshchektaev2011_2.pdf  (254 Kb)

  • N.A. Chumakova
    The financial insolvency of household system (based on Krasnodar city data)

    Being a minimal unit of economy, a household often takes loans to satisfy its needs. However, incompetence of household members in terms of finance causes very often debts to lending or other agencies. This defines necessity of detailed study of the financial insolvency of the household system, which is the main subject of our detailed analysis.

    pdf chumakova2011_2.pdf  (195 Kb)

    Problems Related to Investment Activity

  • G.V. Kesyan, G.L. Bayanduryan, L.M. Osadchuk
    Tools to increase investment attractiveness of machine-building complex in regions

    The paper deals with problems related to machine building as a structure-forming complex of the region. The authors reveal the basic reasons for low investment attractiveness of machine-building enterprises, taking into account the features of the present stage of their development. It is suggested that tools increasing investment activity of the machine-building enterprises should be based on convergence of their economic interests on the formation of investment - financial resources and the interests of the state for target use of these resources. Studies are conducted in the framework of Federal Target Program “Scientific and research staff of Russia” for 2009-2013.

    pdf kesyan2011_2.pdf  (211 Kb)

  • Yu.M. Koretsky, V.A. Molodykh
    Investment strategy of financing high-venture projects

    The paper discusses questions related to an estimation and selection of investment projects for the purpose of risk minimization at a choice of financing tools.

    pdf koretsky2011_2.pdf  (176 Kb)

    Regional Economy

  • A.V. Ashcheulov
    Ranging vertically integrated corporations by financially sustainable classes as the tool of definition of the most favorable strategic partners

    During the past years, many Russian and foreign investors co-operated intensely with the regional economic systems. One of the most popular kinds of this interaction is a vertically integrated company. However, presence of such company at this or that branch of the region does not always guarantee its sustainability. This paper provides the rating model of ranging vertically integrated corporations by financially sustainable classes to define “a weak link” in regional economy.

    pdf ashcheulov2011_2.pdf  (227 Kb)

  • E.B. Ermishina
    Ways of diversification in the North Ossetiya-Alaniya economic system

    The paper examines the essence and forms of diversification at the meso-level, possibilities of diversification tools in regional system and features of diversification in a mining complex of the North Ossetiya-Alaniya region. It is inferred that the main objective of diversification of industrial complexes of the North Ossetiya-Alaniya mountain branch is not only a pure gain of extraction of metals, but also increase in the complete use of the interiors as a guarantee of the complete use of natural resources in interests of regional economy.

    pdf ermishina2011_2.pdf  (249 Kb)

  • R.T. Kushu
    Intraregional social and economic differentiation and the role of small-scale business in its overcoming

    The paper examines a number of aspects of intraregional differentiation in the conditions of market transformations. The special attention in overcoming intraregional heterogeneity is given to sector of small-scale business in problem regions. Efficient management of this sector allows regional administrations to give necessary dynamism to structural shifts in a direction of smoothing intraregional distinctions.

    pdf kushu2011_2.pdf  (193 Kb)

  • A.V. Lebedev
    Problems of using regional approach in the development of a mechanism of transforming savings into investments of the Chuvash Republic

    At the present time, there is an urgent problem of finding additional financing sources for regional investment projects within the resource deficient regions. The present paper deals with the development of regional investment mechanism that employs the mechanism of transformation of household savings into investments.

    pdf lebedev2011_2.pdf  (189 Kb)

  • R.A. Linevich
    New technologies of forecasting as a tool of providing interaction of subjects of municipal development

    The paper discusses forecasting of social and economic development of municipalities. The author describes the basic development cycles of forecasts, the special role of methodology of Foresite at definition of priorities of municipal development and principles of Foresite.

    pdf linevich2011_2.pdf  (270 Kb)

  • E.V. Mayboroda
    Economic interaction of Krasnodar territory and the Adygheya Republic and its influence on smoothing social and economic distinctions between two regions

    The paper provides an analysis of various aspects of economic interaction of Krasnodar territory and the Adygheya Republic. Intensification of this interaction is the important precondition of smoothing social and economic distinctions between two regions. The author substantiates that an interaction resource in the specified regions is not given due value. The special attention is given to the structural factors interfering and favoring intensification of economic cooperation of these two neighboring regions.

    pdf mayboroda2011_2.pdf  (182 Kb)

  • A.V. Mortova
    The potential of corporative business in the modernization of regional economical system

    In given article the potentions of vertically integrated and region corporations in innovational transformation of economic sistem of Krasnodarskiy kray is presented; measured their tribute in the modernization of this sistem; the instruments of activization of corporative partycipation are presented/

    pdf mortova2011_2.pdf  (211 Kb)

  • A.K. Nagoeva
    Re-structuring of regional economic system as a way of an exit from depression

    During the past years the attention of economic science and management to regional economy and problems of its regulation becomes stronger. However, the efficiency of the existing control system of the region is insufficient. In order to control the development of the region economy it is necessary to carry out re-structuring in a control system of the region. This paper discloses the most promising directions of an exit of regions from depression.

    pdf nagoeva2011_2.pdf  (209 Kb)

  • E.M. Petrova
    Formation of integrated municipal system of planning

    The paper discusses current trends and challenges of forming an integrated system of planning at the municipal level. The necessity of application of coordination and cooperation mechanisms in the planning process is substantiated.

    pdf petrova2011_2.pdf  (203 Kb)

  • N.A. Khilko
    The corporative factor of modernization of regional economical sistem

    The article is about positions of big and regional corporations in the evolution and modernization of region economic systems of contemporary Russia. Their contribution to modernization of the specified system is estimated.

    pdf khilko2011_2.pdf  (208 Kb)

  • T.M. Shovgenov
    Modernization prospects of the regional finance of the South of Russia in the post-crisis period

    The paper shows the problems related to modernization of the regional financial system of the South of Russia during the post-crisis period, including a weak diversification of economy of Southern macroregion republics, absence of innovative-educational cluster, insufficient institutional base, presence of administrative barriers and high subsidies of subjects of Southern and North-Caucasian Federal Districts. The author makes an analysis of prospects of development of these regions, allocates groups of subjects of Southern and North-Caucasian Federal Districts by a degree of stability to crisis factors and formulates strategy and methods of the state policy.

    pdf shovgenov2011_2.pdf  (200 Kb)

    The Account, Audit and the Control

  • A.N. Guseva
    System of budgeting and estimation of financial results of the service organizations: functions and problems

    The paper discusses the modern practice of budgeting in the service organizations. The author indicates that the plan-fact analysis of budget execution nowadays is the most widespread and simple way of result estimation of the organization activity. However, it is not the most effective one. The author gives examples from existing practice of the Russian service organizations, specifying that the analysis of budget execution is frequently related to calculation of relative and absolute deviations of the fact from the plan. The paper shows necessity of the account of changes in branch and macroeconomic indicators during the analysis of budget execution. The author arrives at a conclusion that it is necessary to use the analysis “that if” and the budgeting systems of “a final customer” which will give an additional opportunity of the control and cost management. The main advantages of such innovation are several levels of the control and management of expenses and, as a result, increasing budget transparency.

    pdf guseva2011_2.pdf  (214 Kb)

  • A.A. Kravchenko
    The amortization award in agricultural industry as an element of accounting policy for the taxation

    The paper discusses application of the amortization award in agricultural industry, which is characterized by seasonal recurrence of reproduction process. Rational inclusion of depreciation charges in structure of industrial expenses is topical at a solution of a problem related to recognition of expenses of taxpayers in the accounting period.

    pdf kravchenko2011_2.pdf  (204 Kb)

  • I.F. Tausova
    Identification of reserves of the commercial organization in the conditions of a static and dynamic accounting model

    In a modern domestic science, questions of the theory and practice of accounting and reporting on reserves are poor investigated and insufficiently developed methodically. The paper considers classification of reserves, their identification in regulatory legal acts and features of their reflection in the conditions of a static and dynamic accounting model.

    pdf tausova2011_2.pdf  (229 Kb)

  • E.V. Toksina
    Financial accountancy with ecological component for investors

    The paper offers the form of financial accountancy that makes possible to identify financial information about ecological or environmental activities of a company. The main objective of this accountancy form is to provide governing body and investors with information about results of ecological and economical activities of a company to analyze and construct management and relationship strategy.

    pdf toksina2011_2.pdf  (403 Kb)

    Economy of Agrarian-Industrial Complex

  • V.V. Teshev
    The basic determinants of interaction of agricultural commodity producers with the processing organizations on the basis of consumers’ cooperative society principles

    This paper provides the significance, substantiation and working out new forms of organizational-economic interaction of agrarian commodity producers and the cooperative processing organizations. The functional content of their interaction in consumers' cooperative society of Adygheya is caused by determinants of regional development and by a consumer cooperation role in agrarian and industrial complex.

    pdf teshev2011_2.pdf  (216 Kb)

    Management by Innovations

  • V.B. Sarkisov, I.P. Kuzmenko
    Substantiation of selective support of innovative projects

    The necessary condition of realization of progressive changes is the solution of a problem related to an effective utilization of economic regulators. The paper addresses the questions of selective support of the organizations occupied with manufacture and innovations development. The authors describe the procedure of complex estimation of innovative-investment projects and choice of an optimum variant of development of social and economic systems. The obtained results will allow diminishing degree of risk of financing and generation of a positive image of organization.

    pdf sarkisov2011_2.pdf  (263 Kb)

    Mathematical Methods in Economy

  • L.V. Zyuzina
    Estimation method of interference of elements in complex interconnected subsystems with weak structural problems in solving a distributive problem

    The paper describes the method for an estimation of variants of distribution of scarce resources between elements in complex interconnected systems. The method allows a definition of a distribution variant at which the damage from system underfinancing is minimum.

    pdf zyuzina2011_2.pdf  (557 Kb)

  • A.I. Khlebnikova
    Cognitive approach to putting a linear programming problem of metal products delivery scheme

    The paper is devoted to a problem of increasing efficiency of accepted decisions at a choice of the supplier and the delivery scheme in steel trading sphere. The results of use of cognitive approach to formalization of a linear programming problem in marketing logistics are presented. The author offers to use cognitive map at a stage of a problem statement for the description of problem area. The analysis of this map allows allocation of criteria and restrictions for formalization of a linear programming problem.

    pdf khlebnikova2011_2.pdf  (339 Kb)

  • M.À. Chefranova
    Building a cognitive model of crediting and the development of the structural unit of management decisions on its basis

    The main theme of the work is the study of credit risks in commercial banks as a random process and the application for this of the methods of cognitive modeling. The aim is to develop a methodology for credit risk management to ensure sustainable operation of the bank. The object of research is the process of crediting in the bank. The result of the research is a development of a cognitive model of credit process, which expands the capability to predict the credit risk.

    pdf chefranova2011_2.pdf  (328 Kb)

    The Theory and Practice of Business

  • T.G. Gurnovich, L.V. Agarkova, R.A. Kuznetsov, I.Yu. Muradova
    Rating of entrepreneurial activity at the market of agricultural chemistry production

    This paper addresses the study on estimation of business activity of entrepreneurs at the market of agricultural chemistry production. The urgency of this study is enhanced due to variety and complexity of structural organization of enterprises of the market. The object of strategic importance for the branch under investigation is the arrangement of entrepreneurs’ stability and cost-effectiveness of companies. The decision of this task is directed to choice of structure and size of an enterprise and to determination of factors of administration and parameters of economic development.

    pdf gurnovich2011_2.pdf  (221 Kb)

    Service Economy

  • S.S. Abramov
    Estimation of quality of services considering a consumer’s view

    Development of service sphere is one of directions of modernization of contemporary Russia. One of the parameters of competitiveness of the service enterprises is quality of rendered services. The concept of quality in sphere of services is complex and is often defined by satisfaction of the consumer. The paper provides the technique of an estimation of quality of services, considering the results of rendering service and satisfaction of the consumer by servicing.

    pdf abramov2011_2.pdf  (339 Kb)

  • R.N. Gusev
    Services of building design: the content and structure

    At present comprehension has come that in manufacture of building production the design should take a leading place. This made it possible to allocate a sphere of services of building design in the Building Complex of the Russian Federation. This paper defines the essence of a category of “a service of building design”, as well as reveals the content and structure of shaping service sphere of building design.

    pdf gusev2011_2.pdf  (350 Kb)

  • S.V. Lazovskaya
    The new resources of the evolution of a tourist-recreational sphere

    The evolution potential of the tourist-recreational sphere has become an integral part of many regional economic systems of Russia. Hence, its rational management defines the main parameters of the region development. This paper discloses vital issues related to determination and wide use of the resource potential of a tourist-recreational service sphere and gives recommendations for their solution.

    pdf lazovskaya2011_2.pdf  (215 Kb)

  • I.A. Nikitina
    Priority needs in modernization of non-governmental organizations of higher professional education

    By the present time, non-governmental educational institutions have become the appreciable phenomenon in the Russian education system that increased greatly its potential. The concept of modernization of Russian education has allowed allocation of a number of vital issues in development of Russian education. This paper discloses the most essential needs in modernization of non-governmental educational organizations and provides ways of gradual commissioning of its instruments and mechanisms.

    pdf nikitina2011_2.pdf  (193 Kb)

  • Ya.S. Tkacheva
    Methodical bases of an estimation of investment attractiveness of a regional tourist-recreational complex

    The estimation of investment attractiveness of a tourist-recreational complex is developed using a technique in which the priority is given to a group of economic indicators. The offered technique includes definitions of the rating, allowing ranging regional tourist-recreational complexes.

    pdf tkacheva2011_2.pdf  (273 Kb)

    Social Economy

  • Z.Kh. Kurmalieva
    Evolution of concept “social economy”

    The paper provides the characteristic of existing economic systems, sources of generation of the concept of social market economy and its major system elements.

    pdf kurmalieva2011_2.pdf  (228 Kb)


  • N.V. Beryoza
    Process of decision-making on a choice of market strategy and structure of rendered services for subjects of the information market

    Of great significance for subjects of the market of information services is a choice of the activity in the conditions of an information lack. This paper presents the algorithm of decision-making on a choice of market strategy and structure of rendered information services. Selection criteria include: informatization indices, the financial condition of the subject and stage of the life cycle of a service.

    pdf beryoza2011_2.pdf  (2 Mb)

  • O.P. Bodyakov, G.L. Bayanduryan
    Rationale for directions and principles of reconstruction of the institutional environment of enterprise functioning

    The paper deals with the problems of the institutional reconstruction of the environment of enterprise functioning. The authors distinguish the basic directions and principles of institutional reconstruction facilitating the effective development of business. Studies are conducted in the framework of Federal Target Program “Scientific and research staff of Russia” for 2009-2013.

    pdf bodyakov2011_2.pdf  (204 Kb)

  • I.P. Kuzmenko, V.P. Kirpanev
    Adaptive management as a tool of increasing stability of functioning of managing subjects

    The paper discusses possibilities of the use of the adaptive approach to construction of an operating contour of the managing subject in order to increase stability of its functioning. This point in question is considered using an example of reproduction system of the enterprise which is analyzed as nonlinear dynamic system. In this system the environment plays a defining role as regards its structures and influences rates of its self-organizing. The obtained conclusions raise degree of universality of existing methodological approaches to realization of tools of strategic management.

    pdf kuzmenko2011_2.pdf  (202 Kb)