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#1 / 2006

Economic Sciences and Problems of Financing

  • A.A. Kerashev
    Preconditions and target orientation of creation of a macroregional economic complex basing on the federal district of the Russian Federation

    The paper discusses preconditions and target orientation of creation of a macroregional economic complex basing on the federal district of the Russian Federation. In economy of modern Russia the macroregional economic complexes develop within the framework of realization of the specific political program of the federal authority, i.e. on the basis of the federal districts which were created in 2000 and which have administratively united neighbouring regions - subjects of the Russian Federation. Economic preconditions of creation of these complexes on the basis of integration of elements of political-administrative structure of the Russian Federation are multitargeted. They are connected both with the processes of globalization and localization of economic relations and with specific features of market transformations in economy of Russia.

    pdf kerashev2006_1.pdf  (179 Kb)

  • A.S. Khuazheva
    Basic aspects of steady development of regional economy

    The basic aspects of steady development of regional economy are considered using the Adygheya Republic and its agriculture as an example. Factors influencing the meso-and macroeconomic stability of economy are presented.

    pdf huajeva2006_1.pdf  (144 Kb)

  • V.G. Piteev
    Marketing of the new goods as an element of strategic management

    Marketing of the new goods is created first of all taking into account requirements of the target market and therefore is a basic element of strategic management.

    pdf piteev2006_1.pdf  (149 Kb)

  • N.I. Pshikanokova, F.R. Azashikova
    Regional features of modelling of the economy development strategy in the post-crisis period

    Theoretical foundations of regional economy are considered on the basis of a subject of the Russian Federation with its basic social and economic indices. The material can be used by post-graduate students and by the teachers engaged in regional problems.

    pdf pshikanokova2006_1.pdf  (154 Kb)

  • S.K. Chinazirova
    Modern strategy of the development of manufacturing

    In modern conditions the strategy of development of manufacturing should include four interconnected programs: increase in flexibility of manufacturing, synchronization of industrial activity and management of material streams and improvement of the quality of work. Such an approach to the development of a manufacturing system is intended to the consumer. The purposes of this strategy can be formulated as five basic requirements to the organization of manufacturing systems: unification of efforts of workers in achievement of the purposes of development of the enterprise; strengthening of response to changing tendencies of development of the market; manufacturing of production having a guarantee of demand, expansion of opportunities of releasing various kinds of production; the output meeting the requirements of a specific consumer and organization of its post-sale service.

    pdf chinazirova2006_1.pdf  (186 Kb)

  • S.H. Yunaev
    Improvement of the mechanisms of state regulation in the agrarian and industrial complex

    The paper defines the importance and priority of state regulation in the agricultural sector of the agrarian and industrial complex. Attention is accented to priority directions of its support by the state programs and measures.

    pdf junaev2006_1.pdf  (194 Kb)

  • A.A. Mokrushin
    Integrated structures and their role in strategic development of organization

    The paper is devoted to a problem of efficiency of functioning of the integrated structures existing in the modern Russian agrarian and industrial complex as one of directions of the strategic development of organization. Methodical approaches to the organization of exchange-distributive relations between participants of the integrated structure are considered.

    pdf mokrushin2006_1.pdf  (152 Kb)

  • A.A. Kerashev, V.V. Teshev
    A macroregional economic complex and its specific distinctions

    The paper discusses the idea of such a new integration formation as the macroregional economic complex, as well as an establishment of specific differences and features of its formation.

    pdf kerashev2_2006_1.pdf  (175 Kb)

  • E.R. Pryadchenko
    Problems of administering a student's contingent at higher school

    The paper discusses some problems of internal administering the education process at higher school in view of specificity of a speciality Administering the Personnel using experience in working of a student's problematic group.

    pdf pryadchenko2006_1.pdf  (132 Kb)

  • I.M. Napso
    Modelling of social-economic systems

    In the paper the author regards specific features of modelling of social and economic processes, analyzes advantages and defects of the standard approaches and considers factors promoting effective modelling of the processes. Modern tendencies and program complexes used for the analysis and modelling of social and economic processes are described.

    pdf napso2006_1.pdf  (205 Kb)

  • E.K. Byuller
    Work quota setting as the factor of effective strategic intracorporation planning

    In the market conditions requirements to a level of the organization and work quota setting essentially increase. When the profit becomes the basic generalizing parameter showing the result of activity of the enterprise, value of all kinds of norms and specifications, first of all of labour, grows.

    pdf bjuller2006_1.pdf  (153 Kb)

  • M.G. Bolokova, R.T. Chetav
    Economic-mathematical modelling of the mechanism of re-structuring of agricultural branch through an estimation of its resource potential

    The economic-mathematical model was made for realization of the methodical approach to re-structuring manufacture. Its realization will allow one to reveal the optimum industrial structure of an agricultural enterprise in order to maximize the profit from manufacture of the most favourable set of a commodity output using available resources (without investments). Restrictions concerning guaranteed manufacture of separate kinds of production are introduced in the model. Their bottom level has been determined by the concluded contracts, by a crop rotation, by intrafarm needs etc.

    pdf bolokova2006_1.pdf  (211 Kb)

  • M.Y. Aliberdov
    Interdependence between the principles and contents of the elements of strategic and innovational management

    The paper describes the genesis of innovational and strategic management simultaneously comparing the essence and contents of each of the cited terms. It is possible to observe a close interrelation of strategic and innovational processes in the dynamics of their evolutionary development.

    pdf aliberdov2006_1.pdf  (150 Kb)